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    14 Super-Awkward Moments From The First Night Of The Democratic Debate

    "If the control room could turn off the mics..." —Chuck Todd

    1. Cory Booker made this face when Beto O'Rourke started speaking in Spanish.

    Cory Booker's face while Beto O'Rourke speaks in Spanish LMAO

    2. And then Booker tried to one-up O'Rourke, and people were not impressed with his level of proficiency.

    Beto: I’m going to show everyone how bad my Spanish is Booker: hold my beer

    3. Basically all the other candidates were like this:

    Democratic Candidates that don’t speak Spanish #DemDebates

    4. Tim Ryan looked like that Mayhem Miller meme when the moderators finally called on him.

    MSNBC, Via

    5. And no one knew who he was.

    i have never seen this person before in my life

    6. Bill de Blasio refused to stop talking at the end of the first half, so producers drowned him out with theme music as Savannah Guthrie tried to go to commercial.


    7. At the start of the second half of the debate, hot mics picked up the previous hour's moderators chatting offstage, forcing Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow to cut to a commercial break.


    8. With 10 candidates on stage, moderators STRICTLY enforced time limits, meaning interactions went something like this:

    Debate Moderator: *asks a policy question with complex solutions* Candidate: Debate Moderator: YOUR TIME IS UP! WE’VE GOTTA MOVE ON TO THE NEXT QUESTION!

    9. And Chuck Todd interrupted everyone.

    CHUCK TODD: "Candidate you have thirty seconds to address the biggest issue of our time." CANDIDATE: "Well what I w" CHUCK: "Thank you" CANDIDATE: "ould do is" CHUCK: "You're out of time" OTHER CANDIDATES:

    10. John Delaney fought for airtime by talking over the moderators, who kept shutting him down.

    Twitter: @BuzzFeedNews / Via Twitter: @BuzzFeedNews

    11. And when the moderators finally did call on him, he kept asking them to repeat the question.

    “Congressman Delaney, your closing statement... Delaney: #DemocratDebate

    12. Every now and then, you'd hear someone ripping paper seemingly directly into their microphone.


    13. De Blasio made people uncomfortable staring directly into the camera. 👁👁


    14. And finally, O'Rourke looked very, very tired.

    beto hasn’t slept in like a month and a half

    Aren't we all.

    Night 2 of the first Democratic presidential debate airs Thursday, June 27, at 9 p.m. on NBC, MSNBC, and Telemundo. Check back here Friday for all the best/worst awkward moments!