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My Sister-In-Law's Very Lonely Christmas Cards

What happens at Christmas when you don't have that perfect family Christmas card.

wx.campbell • 7 months ago

What Lonely Bridget Christmas Card Are You?

You might have seen these great celebrations of Christmas, but now you can find out what card you are. Why? Mainly because the internet is stupid.

wx.campbell • One year ago

My Sister-In-Law Hates Your Christmas Card

Since 2010, Bridget has sent her lonely Christmas cards. In 2017, she's doing better than ever!

wx.campbell • One year ago

Love Is Shit - A Lonely Christmas Card

She's been around the internet a few times, but she's back with her most inspiring message yet for this Christmas.

wx.campbell • 2 years ago

Here's My Lonely Sister-In-Law's Newest Christmas Card

Last year, my sister-in-law's lonely Christmas cards spread across the world. This year, she has a chicken.

wx.campbell • 3 years ago

My Sister-In-Law's Lonely Christmas Cards

What happens at Christmas when parents treat their unmarried child like a second-class citizen.

wx.campbell • 4 years ago