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My Sister-In-Law's Lonely Christmas Cards

What happens at Christmas when parents treat their unmarried child like a second-class citizen.

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All of my wife's four siblings are married except one. Bridget, the unmarried one, got cut out of her mom and dad's Christmas card picture five years ago. Her parents found it awkward to have just one remaining child in her mid-20s still in the picture, so they kicked her out. Bewildered, lonely, and unsure what to do with herself in this big world, she began sending out her own Christmas cards.


2013: Desperation

As the rest of the siblings had one, two, or three children at this point, Bridget remained unmarried. She still wasn't allowed in her mom and dad's Christmas card.

She got these printed at Costco. The employees thought they were funny. There was another family with the same last name, and they took these home by accident. They weren't amused.

2014: Things Take a Turn for the... I don't know what.

In 2014, she's still not married and her parents are still refusing to let her join in on the yuletide fun. Consequently, Bridget decided to go out and find someone to fill the void in her life.

Our only hope is that she never gets married so this can continue forever.

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