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Here's My Lonely Sister-In-Law's Newest Christmas Card

Last year, my sister-in-law's lonely Christmas cards spread across the world. This year, she has a chicken.

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A few years ago, my in-laws took one final picture with their last unmarried child, Bridget. The annual Christmas card photo had quickly dwindled from five unmarried kids to just one. Here it is:

(Picture blurred to protect the in-laws' safety from the internet mob.)

Her parents didn't "kick her out" due to disappointment with her failure to marry or have children (like much of the Internet believes). Rather, after this 2009 card went out with everyone showcasing their hobbies (violin playing, knife skills, balloon hats, and cooking all made an appearance), the family decided to part ways for future cards since it ended up so unintentionally awkward, especially since Bridget's only hobby appeared to be drinking.

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