21 Things For People Who Are Sick Of Christmas

Calm down, Christmas. Come take a break from holiday cheer.

1. Non-Gingerbread Men

3. Just Regular Deer

Phil Inglis / Getty Images

5. Tasteful Sweaters


6. A Polar Bear Eating a Fish and Not Drinking Coca-Cola

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

7. Actors from Love Actually in Other, Non-Christmasy Roles

Jonathan Hession / Buena Vista Pictures

Warner Brothers


8. Room Temperature Chocolate

9. No One Entering Your Home Through Here

10. This Is Just a Guy from The Walking Dead

Don’t sit on his lap.

11. This Is the Italian Flag and Not a Seasonal Decoration

12. This Big Bag Is Definitely Not Full of Presents

13. A Nutcracker That Doesn’t Look Like a Bearded Man

14. Stockings Full of Feet, as Intended

No candy here.

15. A Snowman That Will Never, Ever, EVER Come to Life

16. Non-Jingling Bell

Keystone Features / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

17. Non-Figgy Pudding

18. A Big Drummer Man

Brian Bahr / Getty Images

Not a boy, a MAN.

19. Regular Trees Just Goin’ Natural

20. Fruit-Free Cake

21. No One Seeing You While You’re Sleeping, Hopefully

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