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Oh You Thought Nipples In Your Social Media Feed Was Of Limits?

8 Times Celebrity Women who are not California State University Long Beach graduate and new mom Karlesha Thurman showed their nipples and didn't shut down the Internet in dialogue over breasts.

JJGhatt • 5 years ago

50 Signs You May Be Bougie

I saw that popular "How Bougie Are You?" Quiz that circulated among many of my friends on Facebook and I was astonished to see how low the scores were of some of my most Bourgiest of friends. Then I took the quiz myself and quickly realized why.

JJGhatt • 5 years ago

Mary Mary's Erica Campbell: Spokesmodel For Curvy Girl Problems

If Mary Mary's Erica Campbell had a body like the late Whitney Houston, her infamous body-fitting white dress deemed "too sexy for Gospel" would had been well...less infamous.

JJGhatt • 5 years ago

9 Non-Commie World Leaders Shaking Hands With Communist & Other "unSavory" Ones

Oh we thought President Barack Obama was the only one not permitted to shake hands with a communist. That is apparently what some have been most upset about after an image of Obama shaking hands with Raul Castro during the Nelson Mandela Memorial hit media streams today. Hmmm...those raising the biggest stink might want to scale that back a bit or otherwise equally condemn these other 9, mainly Republican leaders in history who also sat down with communist, Marxist, Islamic leaders that many have deemed to not be the good guys! Credit: Gus_802 on Twitter whose feed these were all scrubbed from

JJGhatt • 5 years ago

Paris Fashion Week Designer Tears Page Out Miley Cyrus' Book, Uses Big Black Women As Gimmicky Props

Designer Rick Owens went bold using "average" , mainly black women Steppers to showcase his Spring 2014 collection at the start of Paris Fashion Week, but are we supposed to be impressed by this attempt to change the industry?

JJGhatt • 5 years ago

12 Celebrities Banned From A UK Zoo

When news surfaced that a British zoo had banned visitors from wearing animal print clothing so as not to confuse the animals, it became immediately apparent that some of our favorite celebrities may have a problem on their hands...

JJGhatt • 5 years ago

40 Signs You're About To Turn 40

Saw that popular "signs you're about to turn 30" BuzzFeed post and thought, meh, "yeah yeah...I remember that, TEN YEARS Ago!" Yeah, you've got bigger fish to fry and worry about. Like, you're about to turn 40! Here are 40 tell-tale signs it's on the horizon.

JJGhatt • 6 years ago