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    50 Signs You May Be Bougie

    I saw that popular "How Bougie Are You?" Quiz that circulated among many of my friends on Facebook and I was astonished to see how low the scores were of some of my most Bourgiest of friends. Then I took the quiz myself and quickly realized why.

    Take THIS True Black "Blue Blood" Quiz

    The items listed for people to check off if it applied to them or their life were not accurate as to the mindset of truly "Bougie" people. (Black Bourgeoisie Class)

    Rather, the list appeared to be a random recitation of what people think being an upper middle class/affluent and educated African American is like. It was inaccurate and incomplete, to say the least

    Most of the answers also seemed based off of the mentality of those who want so badly to come off as if they are "better" than what society thinks blacks are like. (Read up on: Respectability Politics).

    True bourgeoisie don't have to neither care to prove to anyone that they're from a privileged class. They see no value in it. They're all about making or keeping their wealth, maintaining contacts and connections and advancing themselves while also giving back to community, and doing their part to enrich the lives of their community and others.

    However, some people confuse "Ghettofabulous" and "Beoughetto" with authentic Bougie. Those in this former group, are more flashy and show-offy with their new found wealth and may say or do things so others will know that they "have made it." (e.g. a name brand logo bags or may purchase bottle service at a table at the club)

    However, in their attempts to appear cultured or high siddity, they will often slip up and reveal their authentic humble roots. Why hide it?

    No one should be ashamed of where they came from and attempting to portray, often times transparently, themselves as being a certain way when they are not will have them come off as a caricature of a Cosby Show character.

    Having been around the type, gone to law school with plenty and myself been accused of being very bourgie often, I thought I'd offer a remixed version of the test using some of my friends as my personal muse.

    And the list may come off as shallow, superficial and a bit elitist to some, but know that "Bougie is based more on socio-economic class than anything so there should't be any begrudging the lifestyle of those who have money, whether they inherited or earned it.

    Further, those who genuinely fall into the category do not necessarily look down on other members of their race and do not aspire to be thought of an "atypical" black person.

    Never that.

    To determine if you are truly a member of the authentic Bourgie class and not a superficial version, take this quiz.

    Give yourself one point for every answer you agree with or applies to you. At the end, calcluate your score to see which range you fall along and read the description near it.

    QUIZ [edited from original version to add hyperlinks to answers]

    1. You (or your child) are named Madison, Kennedy, Brianna, Mason, Morgan, Jordan, Payton, Bailey, Hailey, Montana, Regan, Brandi, Taylor, Cheyenne, Ethan, Sophia, Mackenzie or Logan.

    2. You know where "The Black Dog" is.

    3. You own a will or are currently in someone else's and stand to inherit property from it.

    4. You or your child have an authentic Afro or African name.... and/or were home schooled.... and/or home school your own children....and/or believe in and test out various alternative child rearing theories and principles.

    5. Your Parents went to college.

    6. At least one of your grandparents went to college.

    7. You or your children like: edamame, hummus or Pho.

    8.You grew up in and/or take your child to the library or the book store and from a very early age.

    9. You own original artwork.

    10. You've ever owned a Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Wynton Marsalis or that "Baduizm" album.

    11. You know the difference between Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc

    12. You enrolled your baby to Gymboree or My Little Gym class.

    13. You took Afro American Studies in College.

    14. You own a Tiffany's "Return to Tiffany's" toggle bracelet, a genuine strand of pearls or a Bulova, BALL, Movado or a Tag Heuer Watch

    15. You know what being a "legacy" in a sorority or fraternity is (or are one)

    16. You've ever commissioned a piece of art.

    17. You know what the term "Par for course" really means.

    18. You or your children have taken ballet, tap, dance, jazz, or modern dance class.

    19. You generally don't order Moscato, White Zinfadel or Blush wines.

    20. You or someone you know was a member of Jack and Jill or currently has their kid in it now.

    21. You enrolled your baby in a swim class when he was 6 months old.

    22. Your grandparents owned their own home.

    23. You know what an "Ace" in Tennis is (without looking it up in Google).

    24. You pledged a sorority or fraternity.

    25 .You've attended a cotillion or been part of one.

    26. You know the difference between a stock and bond and/or have money in a 401(k) plan or trust.

    27. You've ever taken or enrolled your own kids in etiquette class.

    28. You went to law, medical or business school or have a post-graduate degree.

    29. You know the last names to the following people: Dinah, Leontyne, Josephine, Eartha, Dorothy, Cassius, Nina, Maya, Terry, W.E.B., Marcus, Nikki, Audre and Malcolm …without going to Google or Wikipedia.

    30. You or someone close to you have ever owned a Land Rover or a Volkswagen.

    31. You or your child has ever taken a test to get into a certain school.

    32. You or your child has ever attended a Saturday enrichment course.

    33. You read to your children throughout their first years of life

    34. You've ever paid to run in a charity race; or you've ever organized a charity event.

    35. You or your spouse or parent own a set of golf clubs.

    36. Your home is in an "up and coming" part of the city or is one of those McMansions in one of those gated communities in Prince George's County, Maryland or Athens, Georgia where all the affluent black people live

    37. Conversations at parties involve world politics, the cost of living or the Revolution (which will not be televised)

    38. You know where the Louvre, Versailles, Mayan ruins, Pyramids, Canary Islands, Incan Temples, Sydney Opera House is and/or have visited the city where one or more of these are located.

    39. You've ever hit the AMT when paying your taxes.

    40. You generally don't ever naturally talk about money or how much the clothes you have on cost, neither brag about the brands you are wearing or own.

    41. You or your parents had a crush on Dinah Shore, Dorothy Dandridge, Billy Dee Williams, Diana Ross, Sydney Portier, or Jayne Kennedy.

    42 .You've been to a Broadway play or are a member of a cultural arts center

    43 .You've seen an Alvin Ailey performance or been to a Sweet Honey in the Rock concert.

    44. You or your kids play an instrument or have taken instrument lessons.

    45. You or your partner or parents were ever on a "host committee" for a party.

    46. You are 2 degrees of separation or less away from knowing personally the current President or US Attorney General.

    47. You know what "blue blood is" and/or are one but no one really knows it.

    48. You went to private school.

    49. You've taken advantage of Spa or Restaurant week in your town.

    50. You regularly travel or have traveled to the Caribbean, Africa, Europe or Asia.


    1-18 You're not that Bougie at all or even close to it. You're vaguely aware of the blue blood (old money wealth) way of life and have not taken extra time and effort to study it if you aspire to become one or don't really give a flying fig about being one or becoming one and just took this test to prove what you already know. You may have new money and can afford to buy yourself nice things, spend on name brand clothing and buy bottles and table service and there's nothing wrong with that, but none of it makes you Blue Blood level of Bougie.

    19-33 – You are on the cusp of the blue line yet not quite there. You're grounded and have humble upbringing but value books and learning and growing your circle of influence. Some of your friends, co-workers and some in your social circle are Bougie but the bulk are around the way peeps who know how to keep it real and are living their authentic life. And that's alright.

    34-50 – You travel in elite circles, are highly educated, cultured and possibly affluent. You come from wealth or are aware of how to get and keep it. You value education and legacy. You're aware of your past and heritage and are keen on maintaining tradition; and making sure your children adhere to it. You are politically savvy and well-traveled. You are Bougie personified.