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    Mary Mary's Erica Campbell: Spokesmodel For Curvy Girl Problems

    If Mary Mary's Erica Campbell had a body like the late Whitney Houston, her infamous body-fitting white dress deemed "too sexy for Gospel" would had been well...less infamous.

    There's been a lot of articles like "12 Chesty Girl Problems" and "10 Issues Girls with Big Bottoms have to Deal With" etc making the rounds in social media.

    And the truth about the "curse" of being a curvy girl was revealed in recent controversy over gospel singer Erica Campbell of the Group Mary Mary's white dress she is wearing in promo images to her first solo project, a forthcoming March 2014 album "Help".

    The image elicited outrage from many in the Christian Gospel community who said it was too sexy for that genre of music.

    Now we know, even though she was totally covered up from neck to below the knee, the only real reason why people are deeming the look sexy is because of her curvaceous "assets".

    If Campbell had a shape like the late Whitney Houston (pictured above in the dress she wore to the 1994 Grammy Awards), then there would be a whole lot of less noise over this dress.


    Curvy Girl Problems Indeed!