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The 21 Most Bizarre Political Moments Of 2013

The UK's politicians have been trying to out-weird each other over the last twelve months. These were the highlights.

1. David Cameron appears in a One Direction video.


It's hard to believe but this is the actual Prime Minister, not a waxwork.

Liam looks particularly unhappy to be clinging onto Cameron.

2. Boris Johnson somehow scores an amazing trick shot.

3. Chukka Umunna gets jiggy with Will Smith.


Labour's shadow business secretary (yes, the man in the suit) somehow ended up on stage in Brixton, bopping along to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Sadly, we only have very grainy footage of this important cultural event.

4. Boris Johnson meets Will Smith.


We don't really know why the Independence Day star was such a feature in UK politics this year. Jaden Smith looks bored out of his mind.

5. Chris Huhne has his face crushed by a camera lens.


Next time you feel low, imagine being the former Liberal Democrat environment secretary when he arrived at court to be sentenced for perverting the course of justice and was whacked by a photographer.

6. Keith Vaz dances to "Gangnam Style".


The publicity-shy Labour MP is normally seen probing immigration controls as chairman of the home affairs select committee. Full credit to the Leicester Mercury for monitoring his extra-curricular activities.

7. Ed Balls meets a girl on a toy horse on Oxford Street.

Getty Images

8. This Labour councillor gives birth to an alien.


As he told The Northern Echo: "My wife found out about it and was very unhappy, clearly. That caused a few problems, but it is not on a human level, so I don’t see it as wrong."

9. Ed Miliband gets egged.

BBC / Via

British politicians have always feared half a dozen straight from the hen. Full marks to the aide who immediately tries to block the camera on this walkabout of Walworth Market in London.

10. George Osborne inadvertantly dominates the news agenda after tweeting a picture of him eating a Byron Burger.

Putting final touches to the speech #SR2013

George Osborne


Putting final touches to the speech #SR2013

/ Via

(Which resulted in this front page.)

11. Communities secretary Eric Pickles hits back at George Osborne.

Putting final touches to the LGA speech #lgaconf13

Eric Pickles


Putting final touches to the LGA speech #lgaconf13

/ Via

12. Eric Pickles' local paper hits out at Eric Pickles.

The best thing about your sis having Eric Pickles as her local MP is that sometimes she sends you things like this

Ellie Taylor


The best thing about your sis having Eric Pickles as her local MP is that sometimes she sends you things like this

/ Via

13. This dog takes a dislike to David Cameron.

14. Boris Johnson gets on this horse.

Eddie Mulholland / Rex

That's a cycle helmet, Boris.

15. Keith Vaz sings the songs of Grease.

Leicester Mercury / Via

The publicity-shy MP donned a leather jacket, channelled the spirit of John Travolta and entertained the crowd at a fundraiser in Leicester.

Other politicians also have unexpected musical talents.

16. Iain Dale tackles a man holding a "No Nukes" sign at Labour party conference.


Dale published the memoirs of ex-spin doctor Damian McBride – the most talked-about political book of the year.

At some point along the line this led to him tackling an anti-nuclear protestor to the ground during a TV intervie.

Meanwhile the dog – wearing a "No Nukes" sign – took the opportunity to attack its owner.

17. Alan Duncan wins Westminster Dog of the Year.

The Kennel Club

MPs bring in their pooches for the competition every September. And take it as seriously as any parliamentary battle, organised by The Kennel Club and the Dogs Trust.

(Duncan even made a manifesto for his dog.)

18. The Sunday Sport attacks Ed Miliband.

19. Ed Miliband declares war on the Sunday Sport.

The paper has since given the Labour leader its prized "parliamentarian of the year" award.

20. David Cameron falls asleep in a four poster bed and is captured in the background of his sister-in-law's Instagram.

That red box contains his ministerial papers.

21. UKIP politician Godfrey Bloom hits journalist Michael Crick over the head with his own leaflet following an argument about the lack of non-white faces in the pamphlet and whether you can say that women who don't clean behind the fridge are "sluts".


OK, that was definitely the most bizarre political moment of the year.