10 Politicians With Unexpected Musical Skills

Our parliamentarians like to think they’re a musical bunch. Rock on, Westminster.

1. Labour’s shadow chancellor Ed Balls on drums.

Is that “I Believe In a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness? Let’s pretend it is.

ID: 1953827

2. Labour MP Keith Vaz sings Grease.

The man who puts the ‘select’ into Public Affairs Select Committee shows us what’s he’s got.

But where did you find those leathers, Keith?

ID: 1985856

3. Liberal Democrat business secretary Vince Cable is a decent dancer.

ID: 1953849

4. Labour’s Lord Mandelson? Hmm, not quite the same league.

ID: 1985900

5. And Conservative health secretary Jeremy Hunt likes to play his rare collection of handbells.

Guardian / Via theguardian.com
ID: 1953908

But there’s two MPs who have made it onto Top of the Pops.

ID: 1985920

6. One is Conservative MP David Morris. Here he is gesticulating in the House of Commons…

ID: 1985925

…and here he is miming keyboards in the background of a 1988 Rick Astley performance.

Spot the difference.

ID: 1985923
ID: 1967321

7. And here’s the deadly serious Pete Wishart, the Scottish National Party MP for Perth and North Perthshire…

ID: 1985941

…and here he is playing with celtic rock band Runrig on Top of the Pops.

ID: 1985943
ID: 1967323

8. Wishart has since formed a band with three other MPs. They call themselves MP4. Obviously.

ID: 1986375

Like all unsigned bands they’ve made an authentic Windows Movie Maker video for themselves.

Lead singer Ian Cawsey lost his seat at the 2010 general election. The rest of the band have been nice enough to let him stay.

(Their debut album is called “Cross Party”. D’ya geddit?)

ID: 1986328

9. Meanwhile, Liberal Democrat home office minister Norman Lamb has just released his first album.

When not arguing with Theresa May over immigration policy Baker’s is promoting his debut Always Tomorrow, which is on sale now.

ID: 1955860

(Unfortunately it’s not quite the psychedelic prog-rock that the cover suggests.)

That’s him in the hat.

ID: 1955870

10. …and for the finale, we should never forget former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone performing with Blur.

The Labour politician’s dulcet tones were considered the perfect fit for a song about the world’s most mundane man.

ID: 1967268

Stick to the day job, lads.

ID: 1985878

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Jim Waterson is the UK deputy editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London. Waterson focuses on politics.
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