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    This DIY Doormat Will Give You Instant Curb Appeal

    All you need is a little paint and creativity.

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    Is your doormat giving a bad first impression?

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    We have an easy way to spruce up your space with just a little paint and some masking tape!

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    Here's what you'll need:

    For a Geometric Mat

    - Doormat

    - Masking Tape

    - Acrylic Paint

    - Paintbrushes

    Optional (for a more complex design)

    - Exacto Knife

    - Permanent Marker

    - Paper (tracing / printer)

    Step 1: Add masking tape in a cool pattern.

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    We went with something asymmetrical to make it a little more modern.

    Step 2: Paint between the lines.

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    Acrylic paint works great for this. You have to dab pretty hard to get in between the fibers, and sometimes it helps to use your fingers to really get it in.

    Step 3: Pull the tape off and let it dry.

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    So much better.

    Want some clever writing on your mat? That's pretty easy, too.

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    First, print out your design in a large font on regular printer paper.

    Use pins to hold the paper in place while you cut out the inside of the letters.

    Bascially, you're just creating your own stencil. Then use a marker to trace inside.

    Remove the pins and paper, paint inside the letters, and you're good to go!

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    For this design, we also added some thin white lines to give that ~3D Map~ effect.

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    If you'd rather have more organic shapes, all you need is to make a similar stencil with regular or tracing paper.

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    To make these leaves, we made some freehand shaped on tracing paper, made it darker with a marker, and then cut it out, just like with the letters above.

    Then, just trace and paint!

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    And there you go!

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