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29 Things You Can Buy Online With Your FSA Money

You're gonna make it rain with all that Flexible Spending Account cash.

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Did you know you can use your FSA money online? You can buy things like Band-Aids, lip balm, contact lenses, and even comfort toys.

Your FSA money doesn't rollover to the new year, so we've searched their online store and found some the coolest and most useful products for you to spend all your extra cash on.

You can also see the fill list of FSA-eligible items here.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. The Supergoop! Sun care set has multiple types of sunscreen, lip balm and a travel kit for $45.

2. This $20 Hello Kitty First Aid Kit, so you can come to the rescue in total cuteness.

3. This condom variety pack that will only set you back $95.

Includes Naturalamb Skin. Her Pleasure, Ultra Thin and more.

Get it here.

4. This $17 device to help when your baby is constipated.

5. This hot and cold neck therapy wrap will help soothe pain and tension for $23.

6. This $30 MDSolar Sciences sunscreen two-pack, which is one of our favorite brands.

7. These saline wipes for your unwanted boogies, $10.

8. This $9 relaxation eye-mask that's lavender and rose scented.

9. This headache band that'll help you deal with your migraines for just $10.

10. This NoseFrida for $16 that'll help clear up a babies stuffed nose.

11. This $75 acupressure mat that can help with back, neck, and shoulder pain.

12. These $14 gel insoles that'll help alleviate your aching feet.

13. This sunscreen that also works as a makeup primer for $32.

14. These $9 heat wraps, for when you're dealing with serious period cramps.

15. This pack of alcohol swabs for $3 that'll have you killing all sorts of bacteria.

16. This $36 sunscreen that transforms into cooling water-lotion when applied to skin.

17. This lip balm for $4 that'll have your smile feeling tropical.

18. These $24 arthritis compression socks that are great if your feet ever swell up.

19. This $17 Ouchie Cap that'll help kids deal with earache pains.

20. These gel toe relaxers for $9, to make your feet feel like they're having a day at the spa.

21. This $49 acne system that'll help minimize any flare ups.

22. This $19 thermal monkey that helps little ones with heating or cooling treatments.

23. This $26 sunscreen also has anti-aging antioxidants.

24. This tanning oil, so you can get started on that summer glow, $10

25. These $7 hot or cold pads that'll take away the pain while also being adorable.

26. Some pads, because you have to buy them anyway.

27. This thermometer that works with your smart phone for $100.

28. This $200 light therapy machine that'll increase circulation and give you a youthful glow.

29. And if you have a lot of $$ left, this $247 "Family Bundle" has everything you need for first aid.

Includes band aids, bandages, cold compresses, a thermometer, sea-sick prevention bracelets and more.

Get it here.

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