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26 Life-Changing Things You Need To Know About Costco

There is no limit on samples. I repeat, there is no limit on samples.

1. In most states, you don't actually have to be a member to buy booze.

2. Kirkland is the store's name brand, which is usually the best deal.

3. Costco has a travel program with discounted trips to places like Hawaii, Las Vegas, Disney World, and Europe.

4. Some of the best deals are bulk movie tickets and gift cards for other locations.

5. Technically, Costco is one of the largest pizza chains in the country.

6. Many stores have a pizza hotline that's just for pizza orders.

7. Costco is also the largest importer of fine French wines in the U.S.

8. They sell four times as many hot dogs as all Major League Baseball stadiums combined.

9. The price for a hot dog and soda has been $1.50 for almost 30 years, and they don't plan on raising it.

10. You can get a refund of your membership price at any time.

11. There's no limit on samples.

12. Members also get discounts on large items. Like cars. And boats. And caskets.

13. Non-members can get Costco groceries delivered to their home using Instacart.

14. You can shop without a membership using the Costco Cash Card.

15. Non-members can also use the pharmacy, which is the cheapest place to get generic drugs.

16. Meat is often one of the best grocery deals in the store, and can last for a long time when frozen.

17. The plainer the display, the better the price.

18. Costco offers many personal finance services, including personalized checks.

19. You can get your printer ink refilled for only $7.50.

20. The "secret price code" that's been going around isn't always accurate.

21. The store has big closeout sales after the holidays, but that's not the only time.

22. Costco employees are some of the best paid in the retail industry.

23. They move necessities like lightbulbs and toilet paper around the store on purpose.

24. They provide free tech support for all electronics purchased in the store.

25. According to IMDB, that pie from American Pie was purchased at Costco.

26. Most importantly, THIS is the secret to the Costco pizzas.

A pizza robot, of course.

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