27 Things You’ll Only See At Costco

You’re telling me I don’t need a 200-pack of Fruit by the Foot and the world’s largest teddy bear? Shut up.

1. Abraham Lincoln wearing Crocs.

ID: 3146783

2. The world’s largest bottle of wine.

Daaaaaamn that’s fancy.

ID: 3120306

3. The most enormous teddy bear to ever roam the planet.

ID: 3120289

4. (And the most enormous teddy bear graveyard.)

ID: 3146640

5. This eternal truth.

ID: 3146978

6. Toilet paper samples.

Lmao only at Costco can you get a sample of Toliet paper to take home t

— Jesse F Gomez (@jessefgomez)
ID: 3146607

7. A sneaky pineapple.

ID: 3147757

8. An absolutely gargantuan jar of Nutella.

ID: 3120300

9. A chocolate bar the size of a human.

ID: 3120308

10. Lonely Santa.

ID: 3147680

11. This boss-ass kid.

ID: 3120313

12. This monument to Spam.

ID: 3147608

13. This tower of seaweed snacks.

ID: 3120318

14. This ocean of erotica.

m01229 / Creative Commons / Flickr: 39908901@N06
ID: 3120327

15. Guns filled with tequila.

ID: 3120321

16. A helicopter.

Only in Orange County do they sell helicopters at Costco #why

— Brennan Smith (@brennansmith11)
ID: 3120476

17. A nine-course meal of free samples.

ID: 3120514

18. This.

ID: 3120362

19. A wedding dress being sold next to some tires.

Only at costco! Pick up a wedding dress and some tires. #fb

— Jennifer Quinn (@JennyQ)
ID: 3146704

20. A new friend for Grandma.

My grandma has already made a friend at Costco & we've only been here for 5 mins.

— claryssa ❁ (@_claryssaa)
ID: 3120465

21. A lifetime supply of Kinder eggs.

A guy just bought 56 boxes of kinder eggs. Only at Costco

— Kris (@KristinaCipkar)
ID: 3146632

22. This terrifying Francophile.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my god I just died. Only at Costco

— Anna Podany (@PonderingPoPo)
ID: 3146625

23. This resourceful warrior.

ID: 3120601

24. This party animal.

ID: 3147668

25. This manna from heaven.

ID: 3147600

26. This mesmerizing sight.

It’s how they sauce the pizza.

ID: 3147558

27. Abandoned children.

I think my mom left me at costco

— Cody Bruce (@_cjbruce)
ID: 3146748

My mom left me at Costco lol

— Jazzzzy fizzle (@jazzsidhuu)
ID: 3146733

Low key I think my dad just left me at Costco

— Hanna (@hannamadeline)
ID: 3146757

Mom thinks it's funny she left me at Costco

— princessling (@Linggster)
ID: 3146741

Thumbnail image by Chris Potter / StockMonkeys via Flickr Creative Commons.

ID: 3148088

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