27 Things You’ll Only See At Costco

You’re telling me I don’t need a 200-pack of Fruit by the Foot and the world’s largest teddy bear? Shut up.

2. The world’s largest bottle of wine.

Daaaaaamn that’s fancy.

3. The most enormous teddy bear to ever roam the planet.

4. (And the most enormous teddy bear graveyard.)

8. An absolutely gargantuan jar of Nutella.

9. A chocolate bar the size of a human.

10. Lonely Santa.

11. This boss-ass kid.

12. This monument to Spam.

13. This tower of seaweed snacks.

14. This ocean of erotica.

m01229 / Creative Commons / Flickr: 39908901@N06

15. Guns filled with tequila.

17. A nine-course meal of free samples.

18. This.

23. This resourceful warrior.

24. This party animal.

25. This manna from heaven.

26. This mesmerizing sight.

It’s how they sauce the pizza.

Thumbnail image by Chris Potter / StockMonkeys via Flickr Creative Commons.

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