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21 Everyday Worries Every Anxious Person Will Understand

You don't know that my stomachache isn't appendicitis, OK??

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1. Eating something new and convincing yourself you're experiencing a fatal food allergy.

Even though you've never had a food allergy in your life.

2. Tiny bit of plane turbulence? Oh god, we're about to DROP OUT OF THE SKY.

Why is no one else panicking?!?

3. Getting a voicemail from an unknown number.

It's obviously a doctor, telling you you have six weeks to live.

4. Randomly seeing a co-worker outside of work.

"Hey......... [...] ....... so what are you up to?"

5. Having a stomachache and *knowing* it's your appendix about to burst.

6. Not getting a response to your text message within five minutes.

Bravo / Via

And assuming it means that person hates you.

7. Doing ANYTHING embarrassing in public.

8. Answering the question, "So what'd you do this weekend?"

*tries to think of something to say besides "Hulu Plus"*

9. Having to pick up the phone for any reason whatsoever.

NBC / Via

Omg when did I forget English.

10. Realizing you're running a little bit behind schedule.

ABC / Via

And for you, one minute late is REALLY LATE.

11. Sending an email and feeling IMMEDIATELY certain you sent it to the wrong person.


Or worse, REPLY-ALL'D.

12. Realizing someone's going in for a handshake.

Or is it a bump?? OR A HUG???

13. Watching someone walk near you on the subway platform and getting worried they might push you onto the tracks.

14. Seeing a group of people laughing and wondering if it's about you.

15. The mere thought of having to make small talk.

NBC / Via

Oh, a "networking event"? Cool, cool.

16. Getting asked "How are you?" and accidentally answering "Not much!"

Fox / Via

17. Suddenly having to use the bathroom when there's no bathroom for miles.

18. Waiting either too long or not long enough to text someone back.

I don't want them to think I'm so lame that I'm waiting by the phone. But also, I want to seem interested!!!!

19. When none of your friends reply to your group email.


20. That you'll sleep through your multiple alarms and miss something ultra important.

21. Waking up in the middle of the night stressing about that awkward thing that happened in middle school.

Does everyone still remember when I barfed on the bus during our class trip???

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