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    23 Things You'll Only Get If You Ride A Bike In San Francisco

    Muni tracks = scarier than any horror movie.

    1. The REAL face of evil.

    2. And the constant terror of Uber and Lyft drivers pulling in and out of the bike lane on Valencia.

    Not to mention passengers opening their doors with reckless abandon. (Stop it!!!)

    3. The unparalleled joy of The Wiggle.

    uhhh_jenna_na_na / Via

    4. Especially this moment.

    5. People who ~secretly race~ (mostly men) who try to beat out all the other cyclists when the light turns green.

    Actually, they start as soon as the opposite street light turns from green to yellow.

    6. The adrenaline rush on Market of buses being like ONE INCH away from you.

    7. And of riding at rush hour in one big mob of cyclists.

    8. Getting passed by someone on an electric skateboard who thinks they're a cyclist.

    Or — very SF — a hoverboard.

    9. When MLK Drive in Golden Gate Park is closed to cars, and you get to take up the WHOLE. DAMN. LANE.

    10. Having to mentally prepare yourself to pull down the Muni bike rack.

    And then fretting the whole bus ride that someone's going to jack your bike.

    11. When it's actually a clear day and you can get a nice, gentle bike tan.

    12. When someone's obviously using their Burning Man bicycle for commuting.

    13. And all the other VERY Bay Area bikes you spot around town.

    14. That stretch of Market near Octavia where everyone runs the red lights and you're just like, I have no idea what to do??

    15. Knowing you should never leave your bike outside downtown, ever.

    16. The agonizing BART steps schlep with a heavy bike on your shoulder.

    17. Spotting a really cool bike and having serious bike envy.

    18. Knowing that in this city, there's always someone wearing a more daring cycling outfit than you.

    19. Dodging tourists as you try to bike the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Their saddles be blazin.'

    20. Descending Hawk Hill for the first time and feeling like you're going to flip over the handlebars.

    21. Catching all the green lights on McAllister and feeling like you're going SO FAST.

    22. When that hill almost destroyed your quads, but the view from the top is totally worth it.

    23. And those rides that just make you so grateful to live in this beautiful city.

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