Where Is Glen Coco Now? A Very Important Investigation

    The most amazing person from Mean Girls is still around. Spoiler alert: He's really hot.

    Obviously you've seen "Mean Girls," because you're not a horrible monster.

    Then you know that the most brilliant thing that happens in "Mean Girls" is the Candygram distribution scene, and of course, its breakout star, Glen Coco.

    Since 2004, Glen Coco has rightly become a living legend.

    But who IS Glen Coco? His role was uncredited in the movie, and we only got to see his illustrious profile as he raked in all those candy canes.

    Well, WRONG. Glen actually got some prime face time in another classroom scene, as Gretchen is reading her (great) essay on Julius Caesar.

    Look at his amazing face!!

    This is Glen Coco today. His name is David Reale. He's 27, and he's from Canada.

    Since his brilliant performance in "Mean Girls," David's appeared on the U.S. version of "Skins," in 2011.

    He was also on two episodes of "Queer as Folk" in 2005. Yes, if you thought the world couldn't get any more awesome, Glen Coco was on "Queer as Folk."

    This is him as Pete in the 2008 movie "One Week."

    And this is him as Jake (second from left) in the 2010 movie "Red: Werewolf Hunter," which also sounds amazing.

    He also voiced this anime character, Kai, on the show "Beyblade."

    AND he was on an episode of USA's "Suits" in 2011.

    He also appears to be on Twitter.

    And attention, Candians: David is currently in a play in Toronto, if you want to try to get a Glen Coco glimpse IRL.

    You totally deserved those four candy canes, David Reale. You go, David Reale!