When You Were New To NYC Vs. Now


1. Before: when someone invited you to a late-night party that involved three subway transfers.

3. Before: taking the subway home from everything to save money.

4. Now: If it’s after midnight, it’s CAB O’CLOCK.

5. Before: when someone invited you to Brother Jimmy’s.

7. Before: You tried to cook a few nights a week.

9. Before: being APPALLED at your friend’s crazy OkCupid stories.

10. Now: Nothing about dating in NYC shocks you.

11. Before: caring a lot about going to bars that are “cool.”

12. Now: caring a lot about going to bars that are within two blocks of your apartment.

13. Before: being patient and nice on the subway!

15. Before: trying really hard to not eat at chain restaurants. This is NEW YORK!

17. Before: You cringed at that weird thing that just happened on the street.

18. Now: You barely even notice it’s happening.

19. Before: being OUTRAGED about $12 cocktails.

20. Now: “Ooooh, not that bad. For Manhattan.”

21. Before: You got sad every time you had to leave the city for the weekend.

23. Before: putting in effort to look OK if you have to run to the bodega. Or work.

25. Before: spending your off days seeing all the cool New York museums and landmarks.

27. Before: Union Pool.

29. Then and now: But yeah, it’s still pretty cool living in the greatest city in the world.

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