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27 Quirky Websites You Never Knew You Needed

Painting with sloths >>>>>>> working.

1. Find out if the dog in the movie lives or dies.

An incredibly useful site that tells you if a dog dies in a movie, i.e., if you will burst into uncontrollable tears and have your evening ruined. It's here.

2. Have a relaxing 60-second meditation right in your browser.

Type your worries into and watch them silently float into HTML ether. It's here.

3. Achieve the ultimate chillax by painting with light.

A soothing site that lets you doodle with majestic light paintbrushes. It's here.

4. Find your new favorite book.

WhatShouldIReadNext is the Pandora of literature: Type in your favorite book, and the database of user-submitted titles will suggest something for you to tackle next. It's here.

5. Shazam cool fonts.

Upload an image to WhatTheFont's server, and it'll attempt to identify the font used in it. (Yes, kind of like Shazam for fonts.) It's here.

6. Paint with sloths.

Sloths Are Rad is the cure for the common day. (Erase the sloths using an eraser shaped like a moon.) It's here.

7. Express your crankiness via Jim Halpert.

Type any emotion into The Office Stare Machine, and you'll find a YouTube library of those signature breakings of the fourth wall. It's here.

8. Replicate the moody serenity of a rainy day.

Pensive music + the visual of a rain-strewn window = a moment of peace right in your browser. It's here.

9. Browse a dictionary for obscure emotions.

Ever felt klexos (the art of dwelling on the past)? Is your morning tinged with vemödalen (the fear that everything has already been done)? Cross-reference your ennui on the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. It's here.

10. Be the first person to stream a song.

Listening to these never-been-played tracks feels, weirdly, like doing a good deed. It's here.

11. Test your color perception with this addictive game.

To play Kuku Kube, you click on the square that's a different color than the rest. It starts super easy and gets insanely difficult. It's here.

12. Listen to an ambient live stream of your favorite city.

YouAreListening.To combines a calm, atmospheric Soundcloud clip with a police scanner live stream to create a bizarrely soothing soundtrack of cities like New York, Los Angeles, Austin, and more. It's here.

13. See pictures of dogs dressed as bees. is exactly what you think, and it DELIVERS. It's here.

14. Flip your text upside down.

Cue everyone asking, "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?????" Pssssst: It's here.

15. Find out who sampled whom.

WhoSampled tells you where that catchy horn hook from the Flo Rida song came from (and other songs that have been sampled in current songs). It's here.

16. Solve a Rubik's cube and act like you did it yourself.

Input your ~cube deets~ into this website, and it'll give you instructions on how to solve it. It's here.

17. Watch an infinitely zooming image.

Fun to watch while high on life, or probably other things. It's here.

18. Turn any phrase into a video message generated from movie clips.

You have to try it to get the full effect. It's here.

19. Brighten someone's day in a major way.

Send your friend a, well, big-ass message. It's here.

20. Draw a freehand circle and see how close you can get to a perfect circle.

Dang it, I am super bad at drawing. Maybe you're better. It's here.

21. Find out how long it takes Warren Buffett to earn your annual income.

How does your salary compare to the most successful investor of the 20th century? Probably not great. It's here.

22. Get a TL;DR of different terms of service.

TOSDR reads all those iTunes update agreements so you don't have to. It's here.

23. Pretend you're a ~hacker.~

On Hacker Type, type any characters you want, and they'll come out as cool code, which you know is official because it's green text on a black background. You can pretend you're Hugh Jackman in Swordfish. It's here.

24. Cheer yourself up with a motivational manatee.

Calming Manatee will turn your bad day around in the cutest way possible. It's here.

25. Find out what recipes you can make based on what's in your fridge.

Wondering what you can finesse from brown sugar, tomatoes, chicken breast and zucchini? MyFridgeFood is here to help, hopefully. It's here.

26. Get an emergency compliment.


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