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27 Quirky Websites You Never Knew You Needed

Painting with sloths >>>>>>> working.

1. Find out if the dog in the movie lives or dies.

2. Have a relaxing 60-second meditation right in your browser.

3. Achieve the ultimate chillax by painting with light.

4. Find your new favorite book.

5. Shazam cool fonts.

Upload an image to WhatTheFont's server, and it'll attempt to identify the font used in it. (Yes, kind of like Shazam for fonts.) It's here.

6. Paint with sloths.

7. Express your crankiness via Jim Halpert.

8. Replicate the moody serenity of a rainy day.

9. Browse a dictionary for obscure emotions.

10. Be the first person to stream a song.

11. Test your color perception with this addictive game.

12. Listen to an ambient live stream of your favorite city.

13. See pictures of dogs dressed as bees.

14. Flip your text upside down.

15. Find out who sampled whom.

16. Solve a Rubik's cube and act like you did it yourself.

17. Watch an infinitely zooming image.

18. Turn any phrase into a video message generated from movie clips.

19. Brighten someone's day in a major way.

20. Draw a freehand circle and see how close you can get to a perfect circle.

21. Find out how long it takes Warren Buffett to earn your annual income.

22. Get a TL;DR of different terms of service.

23. Pretend you're a ~hacker.~

24. Cheer yourself up with a motivational manatee.

25. Find out what recipes you can make based on what's in your fridge.

26. Get an emergency compliment.