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The 27 Greatest Things That Could Ever Happen To A New Yorker

A seat on the 6? *faints*

1. The subway you have to transfer to is chilling out across the platform when you get there.

2. You go to Duane Reade and they inform you your $5 coupon is ready.

3. Your neighbor lets the UPS man in, so you don't have to get one of these:

4. You meet a cute person and they're actually "geographically desirable."

5. You get a job that doesn't require you to go to midtown.

6. A heat wave in the middle of February.

7. Getting HERE and no one's in line:

8. Finding a happy hour that starts at 7 p.m. instead of 4 p.m.

9. A house party that doesn't require you to get on the subway.

10. Your bodega actually has that weird ingredient you need.

11. A new apartment only requires first month's rent and security.

12. You hit the Seamless delivery minimum with one entree.

13. ...And your food arrives faster than the expected wait time!

14. There's no line at Chop't. Or Chipotle.

15. You get to the subway just as the doors slam shut, and the conductor opens them to let you on.

16. ...AND you get a seat!

17. Finding a Metrocard in your pocket that actually has money on it.

18. The Time Warner Cable man actually shows up for your appointment on time.

19. You move into a new apartment and the previous tenants left their window-unit air conditioner — INSTALLED.

20. You get cell phone reception underground for a brief shining moment, just long enough to send an important text.


22. The movie you wanted to see at Union Square at 8 p.m. on Saturday isn't sold out.

23. Your bank's ATM is the one in the bodega/drugstore.

24. No one gets in the elevator with you and you get to go express to your floor.

25. When your favorite restaurant is open on a holiday.

26. When you talk your visiting friends out of going to Times Square for New Year's.

27. You see this glorious beacon of heaven during a heavy rainstorm: