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    The Best Celebrity Cameos On Dawson's Creek

    Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Jen... and a naked Rachel Leigh Cook.

    Seth Rogen

    Rogen appeared in Dawson’s sixth season as Bob, a stoner who hooks up with Joey’s college roommate Audrey. BEST LINE: "We porked."

    Rachel Leigh Cook

    Cook played Devon, who first meets Dawson while she's posing naked for Joey's art class. He later casts her in his autobiographical movie as Joey.

    Jane Lynch

    Ali Larter

    Ali played Kristy Livingstone, who briefly dated Pacey.

    Jensen Ackles

    Before he was on "Supernatural," Ackles stopped by season six of "Dawson's" to play C.J., whom Jen meets in college and has a tumultuous relationship with after he sleeps with -- yep -- Joey's roommate Audrey.

    Scott Foley

    Scott, a nice-guy jock, wooed Jen in season one.

    Chad Michael Murray

    Murray rocked the WB long before his "One Tree Hill" days, playing Charlie Todd, Jen's cheating musician boyfriend, in season five.

    Busy Phillips

    Fresh off her "Freaks and Geeks" run, Busy played Audrey, Joey's college roommate who dates Pacey for awhile.

    Jonathan Lipnicki

    As Buzz Thompson, 9-year-old Lipnicki reprised his "cute Jerry Maguire kid" act, playing a troubled boy whom Pacey mentors.

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