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Just 21 Really Funny Netflix Jokes

"Are you *still* watching this TV show? Look at yourself for god's sake."

1. That time Dad figured out how to change the Netflix profile names.

2. Stop judging me!

3. This hilarious glitch.

4. And this very accurate subtitling.

5. Hmm, do you think they won or not?

6. Lol, nice.

7. Why do I have 300 chins.

That moment in between netflix episodes when you see your reflection on the black screen and wonder what you are doing with your life

8. When "Orange is the New Black" drops:

9. This chance at romance:

missed connection: you were at home streaming Netflix. I was at a different home, also streaming Netflix

10. Very smart, Netflix. Very smart.

11. True love <3

my college ex-boyfriends Netflix password and I are celebrating our 6 year anniversary 😍

12. This ingenious hack.

How I significantly improved my Netflix

13. No seriously, those subtitles.

14. They're so on point.

15. When Netflix interrupts at just the right moment:

16. And when the categories are really on point.

17. Too many choices.

18. Wait, this is actually a really good idea.

19. Oops?

20. Same.

"a 90-minute movie is too much of a time commitment, so instead i'll take a 22-minute sitcom and watch 17 episodes of it" -- me with netflix

21. And eventually, all roads lead back to Michael Scott.