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30 Reasons Christmas Was Sooooo Much Better In The '90s

Kids today will never understand.

1. First of all, you had the joy of turning this guy on every night.

2. And the never-ending merriment of the Campbell's soup snowman commercial.

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Even if it's still on sometimes, it was so much better when you were a kid.

3. You got to celebrate with your Muppet Babies Christmas toys.

4. And if you were lucky, you got to play with this dog.

5. Your mom hung up all the decor, and it wasn't truly the holidays without something quilted.

6. Or these giant Christmas light bulbs that were HOTTER THAN MOLTEN LAVA.

7. Not to mention these!!

8. And you could watch these dolls move for LITERAL HOURS.

9. You had your Christmas wish list all ready to go.

10. Because you picked out what you wanted from these (even if it was just wishful thinking).

11. Including, if you were truly special, the Polly Pocket Christmas set.


13. But regardless, your aunt and uncle would always give you a booklet of these:

14. You got to blast the greatest Christmas album of all time:

15. No, wait, THIS ONE.

16. And turn on the TV to catch *NSYNC doing some truly inspired dance moves.

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17. And the Hershey's Kisses played Christmas carols better than any handbell choir.

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18. And the 7-UP dots were the funniest thing you'd ever seen.

19. Your mom would put out treats on one of these.

20. Including these, no doubt:

21. And these cookies (if the tin actually contained cookies, and not sewing supplies).

22. And you'd already spent weeks getting all hyped up on bowls of this goodness.

23. You got to watch this timeless classic.

24. And this one.

25. And kick back with one of your favorite families, the Tanners.

26. Not to mention all of the McAllisters' adventures.

27. You watched part of the SNL Christmas episodes, even if you didn't fully get the jokes until you were MUCH older.

28. But the greatest joy was hanging all your Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments up on the tree.

29. No, wait, it was getting one of these bad boys in your stocking!

30. Finally, it's never too late to celebrate the season with an homage to the best decade ever.