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Did McDonald's Rip Off These Viral Photos For Its New Ad Campaign?

Understandably, getting married to food is proving very popular these days.

In July, these engagement photos that San Francisco writer David Sikorski and photographer Kristina Bakrevski created went mega viral.

Kristina Bakrevski

Sikorski's photos were picked up by multiple media outlets nationwide, including People, USA Today and MSN.

Kristina Bakrevski
Kristina Bakrevski
Kristina Bakrevski
Kristina Bakrevski

Now, a month later, McDonald's has released a campaign for its "$2.50 Double Combo," featuring people who look very similarly twitterpated over their fast food.

At only $2.50, sometimes you just know. Ya know?

The $2.50 Double Combo is the love you’ve been looking for this whole time.

They're pretty blatantly modeled after engagement photos.

A deal so good we popped the question. $2.50 Double Combo.

A double cheesy engagement. $2.50 Double Combo.

Don’t try and hide your love for the $2.50 Double Combo. The writing’s on the wall.

Some of the poses are remarkably simliar.

"I researched photos and built out an original board of photos for this fun project, the photographer had her photos licensed as that's her work/how she makes a living," Sikorski tells BuzzFeed.

Kristina Bakrevski

"I'm not quite sure how much work the marketing team at McDonald's put in?" he says. "I wish they had asked me, I could have easily came up with the exact same concept, photo shoot, styling and positioning over again if they had paid me instead."

Kristina Bakrevski

UPDATE: McDonald's has issued an apology regarding the photos.

A rep for the company tells BuzzFeed: "This shouldn't have happened and, with our agency partner, we're working to find out how it did. We're reaching out to David Sikorski & Kristina Bakrevski. We apologize to them, their fans and ours."

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