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I Just Learned What That Drawer Beneath Your Oven Is For And OMG

Hold on to your kitchen counters.

Ovens are wonderful things, because cookies.

Cookies account for 98% of oven usage in North America.

But did you know that the bottom drawer of your oven actually serves a purpose???

Seanpavonephoto / Getty Images

Yes, that drawer you probably use to store your baking sheets and pans.


Yup, some ovens use that space as a "warming drawer" that keeps your food nice and hot until you're ready to eat or serve it.

Can you imagine? A WAFFLE DRAWER!

Not every oven has a warming drawer, though.

So check your manual before you stash your DiGiorno's in there!

  1. Does your oven have a warming drawer?

    Does your oven have a warming drawer?

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Does your oven have a warming drawer?
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