How Much Of A Media Person Are You?

*complains about press releases on Twitter*

    1. Complained about publicists?
    2. Complained on Twitter about publicists who you know follow you on Twitter?
    3. Tweeted an “INBOX:” tweet?
    4. Prefaced a manual retweet with “whoa”?
    5. Ironically prefaced a manual retweet with “whoa”?
    6. Congratulated another journalist on their new job on Twitter?
    7. Congratulated another journalist on their new job on Twitter mainly to suck up?
    8. Complained about transcribing?
    9. Complained about having to listen to the sound of your own voice while transcribing?
    10. Complained about the sound of your laugh while transcribing?
    11. Spelled it “hed” or “dek” or “lede”?
    12. Spelled it “hed” or “dek” or “lede” partially to feel cool?
    13. Gone on local news?
    14. Gone on cable news?
    15. Gone on cable news and pretended like it was a huge hassle?
    16. Filed from your phone?
    17. Filed from a plane?
    18. Filed from a bar?
    19. Filed while drunk?
    20. Filed while in a bed with someone next to you?
    21. Agonized over how to promote your article on Twitter without sounding arrogant?
    22. Promoted it anyway?
    23. Promoted something you wrote more than twice in 24 hours?
    24. Written a book?
    25. Been jealous of someone who wrote a book?
    26. Pitched your own book but never actually wrote the proposal because you’re lazy?
    27. Bragged about having two monitors?
    28. Bragged about a galley?
    29. Bragged about having a beta version of something?
    30. Bragged about your follower count?
    31. Bragged about your CMS?
    32. Decided who to reply to on Twitter based on how many followers they have?
    33. Thought of Facebook as social media for “normal people”?
    34. Written back to hate mail?
    35. Tweeted a screencap of your hate mail?
    36. Acted like hate mail didn’t bother you even though it did?
    37. Decided to “not read the comments”?
    38. Read the comments anyway?
    39. Used the word “flak”?
    40. Used the word “graf”?
    41. Used the word “hate read”?
    42. Punned in a headline?
    43. Made a sexual innuendo in a headline?
    44. Subtweeted?
    45. Subfaved?
    46. Retweeted the AP?
    47. Manually retweeted the AP?
    48. Ridden a Twitter canoe?
    49. Ironically used a hashtag?
    50. Unironically used a hashtag?
    51. Tried to create a hashtag to promote your story?
    52. Felt awkward when the person you wrote about tweeted your story?
    53. Felt awkward?
    54. Used the term “tab”?
    55. Taken a green room selfie?
    56. Taken a TV set selfie?
    57. Taken an award show selfie?
    58. Tweeted airport code —-> airport code?
    59. Talked on Twitter like you were a politician? (“My thoughts and prayers are with the people of…”)
    60. Complained about deadlines?
    61. Complained about your editor?
    62. Gotten drunk with your editor?
    63. Complained about the copy desk?
    64. Used the phrase “slow news day”?
    65. Wanted to murder someone else who used the term “slow news day”?
    66. Gotten the comment on one of your articles, “How is this news???”
    67. Felt homicidal after seeing a typo?
    68. Felt homicidal after seeing a sentence in the passive voice?
    69. Eaten free goodies a PR sent over?
    70. Eaten free goodies from a PR after immediately chucking the press release?
    71. Felt jazzed after seeing your byline?
    72. Used Wikipedia as a source?
    73. Used a Wikipedia footnote to find a “more credible” source?
    74. Shared a list that ranks journalism as the worst profession ever and joked about it?
    75. Joked about making no money as a writer?
    76. Considered going into PR for a hot second?
    77. Asked someone to slap you if you ever talk about wanting to go into PR again?
    78. Argued with someone that print isn’t dead?
    79. Argued with someone on Twitter?
    80. Argued with someone on Twitter and brought out the “dot” in front of their username so everyone saw it?
    81. Emailed someone instead of calling them because you were too scared?
    82. DMed someone instead of emailing them because you were too scared?
    83. Brought your laptop on vacation?
    84. Used your laptop on public transportation?
    85. Yelled at someone in a hallway?
    86. Yelled at someone on a red carpet?
    87. Yelled at someone?
    88. Felt really good about your career, then felt really awful about it 30 seconds later?
    89. Shared your result to this quiz on Twitter?

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