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    32 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You

    It could be worse. Much worse.

    1. Anyone who will soon be very, very damp in weird places.

    2. Anyone who was so excited about how their ~romantic~ photo would turn out.

    3. Anyone whose kid got sent home with a terrifying note.

    4. Anyone who was so excited about that "Package Delivered" notification.

    5. Anyone who didn't think the forecast called for rain today. Weird.

    6. Anyone who discovered their huge mistake way too late.

    7. Anyone who should have checked their Ctrl + V more carefully.

    8. Anyone who was actually looking forward to their commute today.

    9. Anyone who was just trying to pick up a freakin' hamburger to go.

    10. Anyone who was once so stoked about scoring a free ride to school.

    11. Anyone who just wanted to cook a nice dinner for their family.

    12. Anyone who suffered this IRL "let the bodies hit the floor" situation.

    13. Anyone whose beer run turned very, very gruesome.

    14. Anyone who was already nervous about being down to their last roll.

    15. Anyone just trying to stay out of the rain, dammit.

    16. Anyone just hoping to do a good job at work today.

    17. Anyone who has felt the unfair wrath of an innocent dog.

    18. Anyone who owns a suddenly ironic vanity license plate.

    19. Anyone who has to use this bathroom.

    20. Anyone who thinks they'll just impress their friends with their wicked bowling arm.

    21. Anyone trying to exit a house in a fun, unique way.

    22. Anyone who felt the cruel aftermath of finally achieving their dreams.

    23. Anyone who didn't have enough coffee before work this A.M.

    24. Actually, anyone who really could stand to pay more attention to things.

    25. Anyone putting in extra effort to look sharp today.

    26. Anyone who might have to go to the doctor, pronto.

    27. Anyone who won't be leaving work on time today, after all.

    28. Anyone who was just trying to transport some goddamned paint.

    29. Anyone thinking underage drinking looks totally sick, man.

    30. Anyone who is definitely about to get a huge wakeup call from some pavement.

    31. Anyone just trying to break up their life-crushing work day with a snack.

    32. And anyone living out all of our worst nightmare.