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19 Photos That Prove Fencing Is Metal As Hell

Soft-tipped swords, hard-ass attitude.

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Well, we're wrong. Fencing, which is going on at the Rio Olympics right now, is a tremendous athletic activity, and it's actually completely badass.

First of all, fencing is one of only FIVE activities that have been featured in every single modern Olympics (alongside athletics, cycling, swimming, and gymnastics).


Fencing requires agility on your feet and tons of leg strength, because you're constantly in a squatting position. Olympic fencers typically train between four and seven hours per day, five to six days a week.

You wear these cool AF electronic masks that look like they're straight out of Star Wars.

Kirill Kudryavtsev / AFP / Getty Images

They register every instance of your opponent's weapon making contact with your suit.


You've probably seen a fencing weapon before, but up close, they look straight out of the Middle Ages.

Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

Individual fencing bouts consist of three 3-minute rounds, or until one of the competitors scores 15 points by striking their opponent with one of these bad boys.


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