13 Extremely Frustrating Things You’ll Only Understand If You Play QuizUp


1. When someone texts you in the middle of a question and causes you to miss:

2. When your friend beats you in a category that’s directly related to your full-time job:

3. When someone who just kicked your ass asks for a rematch:

4. When you miss a CRUCIAL Name the Flag:

5. When someone beats you in General Knowledge, but only because you got LOUSY FREAKIN’ QUESTIONS:

6. When you go against your instinct and pick an answer, but the correct answer WAS your first guess:

7. When you reached one micro-sliver of XP short of advancing to the next level:

8. When your friend who’s in med school challenges you in Biology:

9. When someone asks if they can try a round using your screenname:

10. When you realized you had to earn new titles instead of typing in whatever you want:

11. When someone tries to start a conversation with you IN THE MIDDLE OF A ROUND:

12. When you legit hit a wrong answer only because your finger slipped!

13. When you get a push notification that your ex joined QuizUp:

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