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    35 Reasons Ellen Degeneres Is A Goddamn National Treasure

    ELLEN 2016!!!!!!

    1. When she bonded with Kirstie Alley.

    2. That time she graciously allowed some random pop singer to escort her around.

    3. And then when she allowed Taylor to be her co-model in this Vogue spread.

    4. When she launched her amazing stand-up career.

    5. And decades later, she's still delivering the world's greatest one-liners.

    6. When she had Adele record her THE BEST VOICEMAIL MESSAGE EVER.

    7. When she made Benedict Cumberbatch crack up.

    8. And gently dragged Beyoncé...

    9. ...and her own wife.

    10. When she replaced the cigarettes on Mad Men with party favors.

    11. When she showered Kristen Bell with adorable sloth gifts.

    12. That time she REALLY scared Kristen Wiig.

    13. And when she made Justin Bieber almost pee his Calvins.

    14. ...and terrified Taylor Swift so much she fell to the floor.

    15. ...And again...

    16. ...and again.

    17. When she made us realize the ACTUAL MEANING of the Oscars.

    18. And when she had pizzas delivered and everyone went INSANE.

    You know my motto- give the people what they want.

    19. And when she took the selfie seen 'round the world, complete with this very underrated joke.

    20. Because she gives a master class in self-confidence.

    21. When she made even her sound guy absolutely LOSE IT.

    22. And generally made us lose it, every day.

    23. The time when she graciously let Michelle Obama win a push-ups contest.

    24. When she introduced Sophia Grace and Rosie to Nicki Minaj and let them bless the world with a joint performance of "Superbass."

    25. When her jokes were ***flawless.

    26. When she and Ryan Gosling worked out in onesies.

    27. When she took Kate McKinnon's amazing impersonation of her in stride.

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    28. And pretty much whenever she meets celebrities.

    29. And when she got Dennis Quaid to do an epic prank at Starbucks.

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    30. That time she tested out the Shake Weight.

    31. This humblebrag that's perfectly OK because it's coming from the funniest person alive.

    32. That time she dressed up as Sofia Vergara's famous wardrobe malfunction.

    33. When she donated $15,000 to a family who had just adopted four children from Africa.

    34. And when she and Justin Bieber donated $500,000 to help a struggling school in Detroit.

    35. And when she was not only funny, but an inspiration to many people young and old.

    Ellen 2016: It's not too late, America!!!