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    29 Things The U.K. Has That The U.S. Needs To Have Right Now

    If we apologize for the whole harbor thing, can we please have some Cadbury?

    1. Washing machines in the kitchen.

    2. ~Real~ Cadbury chocolate.

    3. 28 paid vacation days a year, MINIMUM.

    4. The Great British Bake Off.

    5. And especially Mary Berry.

    6. Student loan repayment plans that actually make sense.

    7. Drinking outside.

    8. J-cloths.

    They're like thinner tea towels that are really good at cleaning dishes and surfaces, and they're way more eco-friendly than paper towels.

    9. Not having to refrigerate your eggs.

    10. Castles.

    11. Universal health care.

    12. Including sales tax in the price of each item.

    13. M&S underwear.

    14. And that store also sells the best candy ever.

    15. A date format that makes much more sense.

    16. No awkward prescription drug ads.

    17. Sausage rolls in general.

    18. Nigella Lawson.

    19. Good fast food.

    20. And if you live in Scotland, munchy boxes.

    21. Pay As You Earn tax.

    22. Public transport that's readily available in cities.

    23. Jaffa Cakes

    24. The BBC.

    25. Stodgy old rituals that at least make politics a little bit more interesting.

    This guy is called Black Rod, and it's tradition for members of Parliament to slam the door in his face during the Queen's Speech. Also, everyone wears fun hats.

    26. Fast trains that will get you to most parts of the country.

    27. Bathroom doors that don't have creepy gaps at the edges.

    Not having to make eye contact with a stranger while you poop? HEAVEN.

    28. Free and confidential contraception.

    29. And men who look like this.