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29 Things The U.K. Has That The U.S. Needs To Have Right Now

If we apologize for the whole harbor thing, can we please have some Cadbury?

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6. Student loan repayment plans that actually make sense.

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In Britain, you only have to start paying your loans back when you earn a certain amount of money, and it’s taken out of your paycheck on a sliding scale based on how much you earn. And if you're lucky enough to be from Scotland, it's free! (And discounted in Wales.)

*looks at student loan bill and weeps*

7. Drinking outside.

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It's legal to drink on the street in England and Wales. Or in the park! Or on a train! (Although the police can tell you to stop if you're being too rowdy.)

8. J-cloths.

They're like thinner tea towels that are really good at cleaning dishes and surfaces, and they're way more eco-friendly than paper towels.


18. Nigella Lawson.

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Nigella has had a bunch of food shows on the BBC, and she's basically the Dita Von Teese of cooking. Everyone in Britain fancies her, and nobody really gives a fuck what she cooks. In her last series, she made AVOCADO ON TOAST.

20. And if you live in Scotland, munchy boxes.

It's literally a pizza box stuffed with amazing late-night food like pizza, kebab, fries, and wings. Sober you might say "EW," but admit it: Drunk you is already halfway through the garlic bread.


21. Pay As You Earn tax.

You know what happens on April 15, right? Well, instead of making you pay up annually, Britain calculates the amount of income tax and national insurance you will owe for the year and automatically takes a portion of it out of your check every month.

You can, however, get surprised with a tax rebate check in the mail. As in, here, have some money!


25. Stodgy old rituals that at least make politics a little bit more interesting.

This guy is called Black Rod, and it's tradition for members of Parliament to slam the door in his face during the Queen's Speech. Also, everyone wears fun hats.

26. Fast trains that will get you to most parts of the country.

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They may get canceled all the time for ridiculous reasons, and you might have to complete half the journey by bus, but they’re still better than Amtrak.