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The 21 Most Adorable Puppies Of 2014

To squee or not to squee? OK, go ahead and SQUEE.

1. These Pekingese fluffballs.

2. Pocket, the three-week-old pitbull puppy rescued from an alleged drug dealer's pocket.

3. This bulldog puppy learning how to howl.

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4. And THIS bulldog puppy kissing a baby. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME.)

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5. Lady Gaga's Frenchie puppy named Asia.

6. The tiny police puppy who's still too small for his vest.

7. Dougie the Shih Tzu, who skyrocketed to over 200,000 Instagram followers this year.

8. This Husky puppy who got to hang with the U.S. Olympic team at Sochi.

9. This puppy meeting a cat for the first time.

10. Gaston, the pup who hangs out at the City Ballet of San Diego.

11. These pug babies swarming the luckiest man alive.

Here's the full video.

12. Clyde, the pitbull puppy who loves to hang with his BFF Eisleigh.

13. This puppy who learned how to ring a bell to get a treat.

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Reverse Pavlov?

14. Leo, who refuses to wake up from a nap and is you IRL.

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15. This cutie who got to cuddle with Harry Styles.

16. Bulleit, who likes shopping at Target.

17. This Boston terrier puppy who thinks he's a bunny.

18. ...and THIS Frenchie who refuses to go to bed.

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19. Kelly Clarkson's new puppy Wyatt.

20. This puppy who had an adorable mirror meltdown.

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21. And this bulldog puppy who famously and happily rolled down a hill.

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