This Baby And Pit Bull Puppy Are Best Friends And It’s The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Brace yourselves.

1. Meet Eisleigh and Clyde.

Eisleigh is a 10-week-old baby girl and Clyde and is an 8-week-old pit bull. And they are best. friends. forever.

ID: 3467909

2. They take naps together.

ID: 3467916

3. They ponder life together.

ID: 3467922

4. And they love hanging out together, always.

ID: 3467928

5. Think those pictures were too ~cute~ to handle? Just wait until you watch this video of Clyde and Eisleigh.

ID: 3467917

6. OMG

ID: 3467991
ID: 3467997

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