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Holy Crap, I Wish I'd Thought Of All Of These

Pretty brilliant.

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1. This restaurant selector for indecisive couples.

2. This spatula stander that keeps the part that touches your food from touching your counter.

3. A shirt that comes with a stitched-in microfiber cloth to clean your glasses.

4. This bottle opener that's next to the shower.

5. These packing peanuts that are made with cardboard, not styrofoam.

6. This convenience store that keeps some candy bars in the refrigerator (because a Kit Kat is WAY better cold).

7. This company that offers a free beach wheelchair for people who need one.

8. Wrapped chicken that comes with a countdown clock showing how many days it's still good for.

9. A massive playground for adults in Japan.

10. This menu that lets you buy a beer for the kitchen.

11. This kettle that has different settings for different teas.

12. This construction fence that's draped in fake ivy to make it look nicer.

13. These calzones that are marked according to their fillings.

14. This machine that teaches CPR.

15. This toaster that comes with a Pop Tarts setting.

16. This restaurant bathroom that offers two different soaps.

17. This bookstore that recommends books to you based on the ones you bought.

18. This beer flight that comes in mini versions of the appropriate style of pint glass.

19. And this pumpkin washing fountain at a pumpkin patch.

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