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    21 Of The Best Things That Ever Happened In An Apple Store


    1. This guy who found "Asian Mark Wahlberg."

    2. This...potato.

    3. THIS:

    4. When someone brought an antique in to test out.

    5. This exchange, courtesy of someone who left their iMessage logged in.

    6. This photobomb.

    7. The angry Apple Care lady:

    8. This kid:

    9. This guy:

    10. This Doctor Who tribute.

    11. This juxtaposition.

    12. And this one.

    13. This wallpaper.

    14. This mini horse.

    15. The person who put this as the background on every iPad:

    16. This first-world anarchist.

    17. This decked-out customer.

    18. This:

    19. And this.

    20. This iParrot.

    21. And this brazen trolling.

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