31 Of The Most Awesome Dads Ever

Fatherhood: you’re doing it right.

1. This dad who’s great with the zingers:

2. This dad who made the world’s best stroller:

3. This dad who knows safety is number one:

4. This dad who just made the world’s coolest playplace:

5. This dad who knows how to work a joke:

6. This overprotective dad:

7. This dad who’s just a total badass:

8. This dad who’s totally winning Halloween:

9. … just like this dad:

10. This dad who doesn’t need Disneyland to show his kids a good time:

11. This dad who’s a master at tough love:

12. This dad who should be crowned king of Facebook:

13. This devastatingly awesome at DIY dad:

14. This dad who figured out a good way to get some game time in:

15. This dad who gives no-nonsense dating advice:

16. This dad who got the last laugh:

17. This dad who knows the importance of a spa day:

See more here.

18. This dad who makes the best dad jokes:

19. This dad who wears skirts to support his dress-wearing son:

Read the whole heartwarming story here.

20. This dad who doesn’t want his son’s self-esteem to get TOO overinflated:

21. This dad who figured out a way to combine his two loves:

22. This dad’s epic DIY Halloween costume:

23. And everything about this:

24. This HILARIOUS dad:

25. This dad who knows a good scare doesn’t hurt anyone:

26. This dad who knows hair should be easy and breezy:

28. This dad who doesn’t put up with any crap:

29. This dad who’s on a mission:

30. This dad who overheard his son telling his friend he was going to come out to his parents, and wrote this letter:

31. This dad who promised a puppy:

…and followed through:

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