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    23 Reasons Harris Teeter Is A Veritable Grocery Store Paradise

    I've been in North Carolina less than a week and I'm already convinced.

    1. It's a spotless food palace.


    Just beautiful.

    2. The aisles are organized based on the most important essentials.

    3. The Harris Teeter mascot is a DRAGON named Harry.

    What's your mascot, Stop 'n' Shop? A shopping cart? Cute.

    4. Harry has his own cupcakes.

    5. Harris Teeter's other cupcakes are pretty great too.

    6. It has its own pizza — and it's GOOD.


    8. You're an adult and you still totally want to drive the Harris Teeter race car shopping cart.

    9. This sushi is so much better than most grocery stores'.

    10. Its store brand products are better than most expensive branded ones.

    11. It stocks local produce.

    12. Mr. Teeter carries the most important imported delicacies.

    13. And has coupons that are actually worth using.

    14. Some locations even have an in-store STARBUCKS.

    15. Harris Teeter laughs in the face of YOUR store's wine section.

    16. Some locations even have wine tastings.


    17. A grocery store salad bar that I actually want to eat???

    18. YUM.

    19. Wow.

    20. A Very Important Customer discount card will save you actual tons of money.

    21. Subs are an important part of any grocery store, and Harris Teeter nails it.

    22. It's so good, people will brave blizzards just to shop there.

    23. And MOST importantly, you get to say the word "Teeter."

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