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    Updated on Aug 18, 2020. Posted on Sep 10, 2013

    23 Cringeworthy Magazine Cover Photoshop Fails

    You had ONE job, guys.

    1. This model holding hands with The Thing:

    2. Avril's vanishing cyborg arm:

    3. This Russian magazine that turned Taylor Swift into a hellspawn:

    4. Zac Efron's creepily chiseled arm:

    5. Kerry Washington's tampered-with bust area:

    6. This Vogue Russia model's disappearing elbow:

    7. Lauren Graham's paste-on head:

    8. Prince William becomes... someone from Fall Out Boy?

    9. Brad's phantom child:

    10. Michelle Obama's pasted-on head:

    11. Rachel Bilson's Gumby thigh:

    12. Eminem's flinty Ken-doll face:

    14. KStew's disappearing left arm:

    15. Andy Roddick's tree-trunk neck:

    16. Whatever this magazine did to Ashlee Simpson:

    17. This alien version of Eva Mendes:

    18. Mariska Hargitay's gigantified head:

    19. Kylie Minogue's vanishing foot:

    20. Carrie Underwood's T-rex arm:

    21. This inexcusable butchering of Tina Fey:

    22. This model's painful-looking Stretch Armstrong neck (right):

    23. This Justin Bieber cover that will stalk your dreams:

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