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    21 Things Introverts Love

    "It was a great weekend. I didn't have to talk to ANYONE."

    1. A long stretch of weekend time with no official plans.

    2. When parties are canceled.

    3. Hanging out all day with only your pet.

    4. The relief you feel when you don't have any plans after work.

    5. When you can email or IM a company for customer service instead of calling.

    6. Going to the beach by yourself.

    7. Ignoring your phone for awhile.

    8. ...but pretending to text during awkward alone moments at parties.

    9. When your school project isn't a group one.

    10. Having the hobbies and bedtime of a senior citizen.

    11. Shopping alone.

    12. Having a quiet drink at home with your partner instead of going to a loud bar.

    13. Driving solo for long periods of time.

    14. Recharging after a long stretch of socializing.

    15. Wishing you could actually say this to everyone.

    16. Turning down annoying invitations.

    17. Actively avoiding icebreaker games, because they're the WORST.

    18. Meeting someone else who hates small talk.

    19. Writing.

    20. Cherishing your small group of close friends, as opposed to trying to maintain a huge circle of acquaintances.

    21. Being patient with your own thoughts.