31 Unmistakable Signs That You’re An Introvert

A surprise birthday party is my worst nightmare.

1. This is your inner monologue during after-work drinks.

ID: 1228853

2. You know that canceling plans is like winning the damn lottery, especially when someone else does it.

That way you don’t have to feel guilty!

ID: 1229374

3. You’ve mastered the art of turning a day at home, doing nothing, into SOMETHING WONDERFUL.

ID: 1229261

4. People often ask, “What are you thinking about?” because they haven’t heard you speak in a while.

ID: 1229460

5. Meeting new people? Please, you already have more than enough friends.

ID: 1229317

6. If anyone ever throws you a “fun” surprise party, this is your reaction.

ID: 1228911

7. Seeing this on your Facebook timeline gives you extreme anxiety.

ID: 1229446

8. You don’t hate parties, it’s just that you don’t LOVE being around a ton of people.

Check out Gemma’s blog for more.

ID: 1229313

9. And you’re ready to leave shortly after arriving.

ID: 1229377

10. But, if for some reason you can’t leave, you know that hiding out in the bathroom is an option.

You’re really, really great at doing that.

ID: 1229404

11. You do like to go out…to get your Netflix DVD.

Check out “True Facts About the Introvert” by Pleated Jeans.

ID: 1229685

12. You’ve never said this before:

ID: 1229256

13. But you have most certainly said this:

ID: 1228939

14. Agreeing to a lot of nights out in a row isn’t fun. AT. ALL.

ID: 1229337

15. This would be a realistic OkCupid profile summary:

ID: 1229328

16. You’ve become that person at parties who hangs out with the food bowl, and that’s OK.

ID: 1229464

17. You know this to be absolutely true.

ID: 1229197

18. When you’ve been around people for too long, there comes a moment when you realize you need to be alone OR ELSE.

ID: 1229501

19. Other people are always ruining your carefully thought-out responses.

ID: 1229308

20. On the weekends, this is your daily battle:

ID: 1229592

21. You wear headphones for a reason, and it’s so that people will (hopefully) not talk to you.


ID: 1229524

22. If you’re working at a coffee shop and someone sits down at your table it’s like…NAH, PLEASE, NAH.

ID: 1229502

23. The idea of working from home, all by yourself, fills you with a kind of happiness that’s borderline giddy.

ID: 1229637

24. This looks terrifying:

ID: 1229552

25. And this looks like the only place you ever want to be forever and ever.

Ahhh, silence!

ID: 1229498

26. You don’t hide your lack of enthusiasm for socializing, and your friends are OK with it…mostly.

ID: 1229340

27. You wish people would just accept you instead of trying to get you out of the house more.

ID: 1228928

28. Because being an introvert means you’re a really great listener.

And you also give thoughtful feedback!

ID: 1229952

29. And plenty of SUPER-successful people are introverts, like Meryl and Einstein.

ID: 1230055

30. And while you may not always LOVE being in big groups…

ID: 1230401

31. You know how awesome you are in your own element.

Introverts, unite! Wait, never mind…

ID: 1229972

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