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    13 Incredibly Important Facts About "She's All That"

    Be silent. Be still.

    1. The amazing prom dancing sequence was added in at the last minute to make the movie a few extra minutes longer.

    2. Milo Ventimiglia played one of the JV soccer players who helped clean Laney's house.

    3. Rachael Leigh Cook had her short haircut throughout filming and wore hair extensions for the first part of the movie. They're clearly visible in several scenes.

    4. Kevin Pollak, who plays Laney's dad, is repeating his ongoing joke about guessing horribly wrong at Jeopardy. He originally did this in Truth or Consequences, N.M..

    5. The movie contains several hidden references to the famous pop group Hanson.

    The two main characters are named Taylor and Zac. Mackenzie and Jesse, two minor characters, are the names of younger Hanson siblings.

    6. Usher's performance as the campus DJ was nothing short of brilliant and Oscar-worthy.

    7. Sarah Michelle Gellar, FP2's future wife, makes a cameo in the school cafeteria.

    8. So does Lil Kim, who plays Alex.

    9. "Laney Boggs" is a combination of the names of two characters played by Winona Ryder: Kim Boggs in Edward Scissorhands and Lelaina "Laney" Pierce in Reality Bites.

    They do look alike, don't they.

    10. The movie was filmed at Torrance High School in Torrance, Calif., the same high school as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    11. "Brock Hudson" was the real life name of a semi-douchey student the screenwriter went to high school with.

    12. M. Night Shyamalan claimed in 2013 to have ghost-written the film. Miramax later confirmed that Shyamalan "contributed to the script."

    13. She's All That was Gene Siskel's last movie review for the Chicago Tribune before his death.

    He called it the "sunniest high school picture since Clueless, although it lacks that film's topical sense of humor."