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11 Cures For Your Quarter-Life Crisis

If you've got the twentysomething blues, here are a few ways to put on your red shoes and dance that sucker out.

1. Take up fencing.

2. Spend time with people who aren't in their twenties.

3. Don't let your relationship status define you.

4. Figure out what you *don't* want.

One way to figure out what you want out of your twenties — and beyond — is to ascertain the things you KNOW you truly can't stand. Maybe you don't want to be a lawyer, or a grad student, or treading water in a relationship that's just a way to pass time. It's also OK to try things and bomb hard, or quit because you realized it wasn't the right job or activity for you. Just add it to the "no" list, and keep at it.

5. Try this secret tip for making more friends.

6. Take a risk. Take even a small risk. Take a risk as soon as you're done with this article.

7. Take the "passion test."

Here's one way to figure out what you really like doing:

1. Think about something you enjoy, whether it's writing, babysitting, your marketing job, working on cars, learning French, or whatever.

2. Pay attention to how oblivious you become to the outside world when you're immersed in that activity.

3. If you realize that Ryan Gosling or Mila Kunis could walk naked into your field of vision while you're doing that thing and you wouldn't even look up, take note: That's something you truly, truly love. Is there a way to factor that into your career? If not now, maybe eventually?

8. Be the best employee or student or sibling or significant other or friend you can be.

9. Realize that you can separate work from passion.

10. Do things on your own in order to grow.

11. Let go of your expectations.

And if all else fails, there's always No. 12: Alcohol.