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Leonardo DiCaprio And 16 Other Celebs Who Have Dated People Multiple Decades Younger Than Them

The biggest age gap on this list is 41 years! 🤯

You might have heard that Leonardo DiCaprio's relationship with model and actress Camila Morrone recently ended.

DiCaprio's taste in women has pretty much always skewed younger, something that has been discussed extensively online.

leonardo dicaprio and camila morrone at a sports game

Morrone might not be the last much younger woman DiCaprio dates — there are rumors he's recently set his sights on Gigi Hadid, who's 20 years younger than he is. (She would also be the first of his girlfriends to be over 25 years old.)

gigi hadid on the runway at a ralph lauren show

Of course, DiCaprio isn't the only celebrity to date people much younger than he is.

Here are 16 other celebs who have dated people multiple decades younger than they are.

1. Allison Janney (62)

allison janney

2. Bruce Willis (67)

bruce willis

3. Dane Cook (50)

dane cook

4. Dennis Quaid (68)

dennis quaid

5. Eddie Murphy (61)

Closeup of Eddie Murphy

6. Harrison Ford (80)

harrison ford

7. Holland Taylor (79)

sarah paulson and holland taylor

8. Jada Pinkett Smith (50)

jada pinkett smith

9. Jeff Goldblum (69)

jeff goldblum

10. Jim Carrey (60)

jim carrey

11. Kris Jenner (66)

kris jenner

12. Madonna (64)

Closeup of Madonna

13. Michael Douglas (77)

michael douglas

14. Steven Tyler (74)

steven tyler

15. Susan Sarandon (75)

Closeup of Susan Sarandon

16. Zach Braff (47)

Closeup of Zach Braff