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    20 Insensitive Moments From My Favorite Movies And TV Shows Growing Up That Make Me Go “Yikes” Today

    Sooooo many of these scenes are now cut when they're shown on TV.

    I grew up on a lot of weird and random movies/TV shows. They range from action to horror. Musicals to raunchy comedies. My film and TV show tastes were all over the place as a child.

    Not every movie and TV show I watched in my youth has aged well, though. So, I compiled a list of moments from my favorite things growing up that don't really feel appropriate (and some that are just flat-out awful):

    Warning: This post contains discussion of rape, sexual assault, racism, and ableism.

    1. Nute Gunray's accent in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace is extra bad when you learn who voices him.

    Nute Gunray speaks

    2. Saturday Night Live making light of Boy Scouts being sexually assaulted in the "Canteen Boy" sketch is really tasteless.

    Canteen Boy being smelled by his Scout Master

    3. The jokes Borat directed at Kazakhstan take the film from satire into stereotyping.

    Borat walks with townspeople

    4. The "just boys being boys" tropes in Grease make anything beyond the songs almost unwatchable.

    5. The love story in Big gets worse the more I think about it.

    A kid in big work clothes

    6. The brother, Warren, from There's Something About Mary is literally just a comedic punchline to make fun of people with disabilities.

    Warren holds a solved Rubix cube

    7. The "manly love" bathroom scene in Dumb & Dumber is a double dip of terrible humor.

    Lloyd Christmas looks terrified in a bathroom stall

    8. The "grotesque" dinner table in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom enforces biases against Indian food.

    A man eats two snakes

    9. The way Libyans are showcased as bloodthirsty terrorists in Back to the Future just feels wrong.

    A Libyan nationalist with a gun

    10. The twist in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is so inappropriate, that it basically ruins what is a hilarious movie.

    Jim Carrey yells in the ear of Sean Young

    11. The depiction of the African tribes in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls are, shall we say, pretty offensive.

    A painted-faced tribesman screams

    12. Even though Scare Tactics is scripted, it's totally mean-spirited and led to a wave of invasive "prank humor."

    13. In one episode of King of Queens, Doug likes his wife Carrie better drunk, so he introduces cocktail night...daily.

    Carrie Heffernan with a cocktail

    14. In a temporarily banned Seinfeld episode, Kramer stomps on the Puerto Rican flag as a visual gag.

    Kramer stomps on a burning Puerto Rican flag

    15. Shallow Hal tries to say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" while leaning on every fat joke in the book.

    Gwyneth Paltrow holds up a large pair of underwear

    16. Rush Hour 2 can be kinda cringy overall, but Jeremy Piven stands out.

    Jeremy Piven in a turtle neck

    17. The depiction of the singing crows in Dumbo are a little...nah, let's say very racist.

    An animated crow winks

    18. MXC on Spike TV dubbed Takeshi's Castle with all kinds of inappropriate commentary.

    A reporter with the title "guy le douche"

    19. It's A Wonderful Life ends with a twist about Mary that is somewhat hilarious now (but, of course, outdated).

    Mary Bailey in glasses and a librarian bun

    20. The way A Christmas Story plays Chinese restaurant workers' accents for laughs is wrong.

    Men caroling in a Chinese restaurant

    Are there any moments from shows or movies you watched growing up that now make you cringe? Do you disagree with any on this list? Comment below!