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    27 Things From Gap Factory That Reviewers Truly Love

    Stock up on your favorite comfortable basics.

    1. A simple and relaxed dress with a (literal) twist.

    2. An easy-breezy T-shirt for everyday wear.

    3. A pair of khaki shorts with REAL pockets. Amazing.

    4. A lightweight tie-dye crewneck to add some fun in your closet.

    5. A simple and soft perfect summer dress.

    6. A pair of comfortable shorts to lounge in.

    7. A pair of straight-legged khakis that provide both flexibility and structure! (And come in a cute plum color.)

    8. A unique denim jacket in a light wash and soft fabric.

    9. A pair of comfy sweats to ya know, just be comfortable in!

    10. A denim jacket in a cherry blossom pink.

    11. A clean white shirt that will pair well with anything in your closet.

    12. A perfect dress with cute eyelet details on the sleeves and hem.

    13. A basic V-neck T-shirt that comes in a ton of different colors.

    14. Camis to go under anything.

    15. A pair of outrageously comfortable jeans, which is the best invention ever.

    16. A cute lightweight romper cinched at the waist.

    17. Twill pants that are like fancy sweatpants and just as comfortable. (There's a theme in this article and it's PINK.)

    18. A simple hoodie with some tassels for pizazz.

    19. A pair of comfortable flip-flops for summer's hot weather.

    20. A swing dress with relaxed A-line fit that can be dressed down or up.

    21. A top with just a sprinkle of ruffles for those looking for something both simple and sweet.

    22. A pair of mid-rise jean leggings with enough stretch for comfort.

    23. Caps! In! Multitudes! Of! Colors!

    24. A comfy lightweight cardigan to throw over anything.

    25. A graphic sweatshirt just in case you're looking to expand beyond graphic T-shirts.

    26. A comfortable wrap dress that can be worn at home or out.

    27. An all-denim jumpsuit for the denim lovers.

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