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Women Got Transformed Into Telenovela Stars And Looked Dramatic AF

*slap* *gasp* *repeat*

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We all need a little more drama in our lives, right? So, we had a couple ladies channel their inner telenovela divas and ~transform~ into characters inspired by famous telenovelas stars.

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Let the games begin. Mwahahahhaha!

Most of the women grew up watching telenovelas pretty religiously.

...Both the good and the bad ones.

And not gonna lie, they got pretty into them.

First up was Claudia, who wanted to be transformed into a telenovela villain.

After some makeup and a super flattering grey wig, Claudia was camera-ready.

Dang. She is on her way to steal yo' man. Or kill your sister. Or fake her own death. One of those.

Next up, was Jenny who also wanted to go over to the dark side.

She was inspired by the one and only Soraya, from María La Del Barrio.

Oh shit. She's got that villain stare down.

Jazmin wanted the classic ~makeover~ story.

So she decided to go from the nerdy shy girl...

...To the heartbreaker of your dreams.

Yessica channeled the classic "rags to riches" trope that so often happens in telenovelas.

But instead of being rescued by some dude, in Yessica's story she rescued herself.

And BAM. Telenovela Cinderella has never looked better.

Livin' for that drama.

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