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    27 Under-$15 Products From Walmart That'll Help Make Cooking So Much Easier

    Take out? Who needs her.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A utensil crock so you can easily switch between cooking tools without having to dig through your messiest drawer in the house to find them.


    Promising review: "The colorful floral design of the crock brightens my counter and the utensils are right at hand when I need them. Also frees up kitchen drawer space." —rosi

    Price: $11.04

    2. A non-skid pastry mat with built-in size charts for the pro pastry chef in you just waiting to come out of the oven!


    Promising review: "I have granite countertops, but they are 1-foot tiles and that makes it impossible to roll out pie crusts and cookies. This pastry mat works perfectly for covering the tiles and I'm able to roll out things now. Also makes clean-up a lot easier." —KJMcBlair

    Price: $12.50

    3. A two-stage knife sharpener, because there are few things more embarrassing than trying to slice a tomato and it just squishes under your dull blade for all the other tomatoes to see (and probably laugh at!)


    One BuzzFeed writer loves this sharpener. Check out our full review on the KitchenIQ knife sharpener for more deets!

    Promising review: "Love this sharpener! Prefer the rough edge side to sharpen. Fine edge, not so much. Worth it though for the rough edge sharpening. I can cut tomatoes without mutilating them." —shops

    Price: $9.06

    4. A kitchen food scale to take the guess-work out of the amount of ingredients your recipes ask for.


    Promising review: "This is the third scale I've purchased for my kitchen. It's also, by far, the very best of the bunch. I love that it weighs in several different units of measurement at the easy push of a button. It will weigh from one gram up to 12 lbs with awesome accuracy. I've used several different methods to gauge how accurate it is and it's passed all of my tests." —monkee

    Price: $14.95 (available in six colors).

    5. A set of three Tasty cookie sheets which come with four emoji cookie cutters so you can take cooking cookies to a whole new level *heart eyes emoji*.


    Promising review: "These cookie sheets are wonderful. They cook evenly and are very easy to clean up. You can either wash them up fast with a rag and soap or just put it in the dishwasher. I like the fact that they come in a set of three. Each are a different size so you can use whichever best fits your needs. The cookie cutters that came with them were emojis, which I thought was pretty cool since emojis are all the rage these days. One was even the poo emoji." —a35mmfanatic

    Price: $13.93 (from BuzzFeed's Tasty line)

    6. A titanium Rubbermaid pan organizer, because cooking is hard enough without having to hunt down your favorite pan which, as luck would have it, is always at the bottom of the stack!


    Promising review: "I have looked for years for an organized way to store my many pots and pans. I love to cook and have two cabinets full of special cookware. I love the stacking pan organizer. I love the ease of access, durability, and all around user friendliness. Thanks for keeping us organizing freaks like me HAPPY." —queen

    Price: $12.99

    7. A garlic rocker for mincing your garlic SO much easier. This tool simply rocks.

    Joseph Joseph

    Promising review: "It's the best garlic crusher I've ever used. Visitors who have seen me use it/used it themselves have all commented that they think it's wonderful. Easy to use, easy to clean, and it seems like it will last forever." —Walmart Customer

    Price: $11.99

    8. A cake decorating tool, because your hope of becoming America's next great baker will no longer be a ~pipe dream~.


    Promising review: "I purchased this item about one year ago and have used it several times. I have made fancy cupcakes, used it on deviled eggs, etc. I was a typical decorator before this kit by just spreading icing, but this kit has helped to spice things up a little bit with decorations." —joro

    Price: $7.69

    9. A glass cooktop cleaner essential for removing the burnt, caked-on food stuck on the sides of your burner after your latest cooking disaster. It's best to start cooking in a clean environment.


    Promising review: "I just now tried this Weiman Cooktop Cleaner on my black stove top and it completely dissolved the baked-on spots and drips. I sprayed it on and wiped with a paper towel to clean it, turned the paper towel over and polished it, and it looks great! I didn't think it would shine so bright with it being a black surface but it does. I hate cleaning that cooktop and now it's so easy!" —MVMarcy

    Price: $4.12 (available in a pack of two)

    10. A pair of heat resistant (up to 923°F!) cooking gloves with anti-slip grip that'll make baking this year's Thanksgiving turkey a piece of cake.


    Promising review: "These rubber gloves are very resistant to heat. My husband and I love to cook on the grill, since I received them I used them about four times and I have compared them with others and I liked them a lot. They are big enough for my husband's hand and very comfortable. They cover the entire hand and above the wrist very well."—supergirl

    Price: $15.99

    11. A meat thermometer so you can properly test the temperature of your meats to avoid food poisoning and also get the perfect medium-rare you're going for.


    Promising review: "This digital thermometer is easy to use and very accurate. It's easy to figure out how to use, as well. Just push the top button to extend the probe out and use the on/off button to power it up." —Lsp0604

    Price: $12.99

    12. A Shark Tank–featured Scrub Daddy sponge that'll be tough on stains while you clean as you go, like the best chefs always do!


    The FlexTexture foam is firm in cold water for tough scrubbing and soft in warm water for light cleaning. And check our deep dive into the Scrub Daddy for even more info.

    Promising review: "I love the way its consistency and stiffness change as you use it in different temperature water. It conforms well to all sorts of shapes and gets the gunk out of corners easily. Love the finger hole 'eyes.' Rinses perfectly clean so no awful odor lingers after you use it." —ArmyDoctorMom

    Price: $13.33 (for a pack of four).

    Also check out BuzzFeed Review's pick for best kitchen sponges in three different price categories!

    13. A round cast iron grill press to give you those grill marks and flavor without actually having to own one! This is great for pressing burger patties or paninis.


    Promising review: "I have been looking for one of these for a while and just couldn't find one that I liked. This was exactly what I was wanting in quality, price, and the convenience of purchasing online. The handle is rounded for an easy grip with a nice cast iron grill bottom and a cute pig on the top."—WalmartCustomer

    Price: $13.07

    14. A Goo Gone spray gel for effectively removing all the grime from past turkey dinners and pie crusts gone wrong! A fresh oven will keep the things you cook all the more fresh.

    Promising review: "I really needed a product like this because I had tape residue all over my windows from a party we had where I had put decorations up. The sticky tape stuff was left behind and I haven't been able to get it off. I sprayed this on there and left it for a few minutes and boom! It was gone." —Dscally947

    Price: $4.12

    15. An absolutely adorable sink strainer to catch bits of extra food from falling inside your drain, essentially saving you thousands of dollars on plumbing bills.


    It's made with stainless steel and BPA-free plastic so it won’t rust!

    Price: $7.47

    16. A stainless steel cast iron cleaner so you can maintain the beauty of your cast iron without damaging all the good coating that's on there!


    Price: $11.37

    17. A roll of shelf liner that will protect your cabinets, drawers, and fridge shelves from sticky condiments and protect *you* from the extra work of wiping them down.


    Promising review: "I like to use Select Grip EasyLiner in my kitchen! I love using it in the refrigerator, because it makes it look clean. I like how it looks, neat and clean. I can cut it in any size, it is flexible and easy to handle."—jeana

    Price: $5.82 (available in two sizes)

    18. A set of three kitchen tongs at three different lengths so you can adjust your reach depending on what you're cooking at that moment.


    Price: $12.16

    19. A stainless steel kitchen sink protector grid to keep your pans from scratching up the bottom of your sink while you're cooking up a storm.


    Promising review: "This sink protector fits perfectly in my sinks no silverware never falls underneath and doesn't get any mold or mildew like the rubber ones do. l love that it makes my sinks look nice and clean." —bobize

    Price: $12.85

    20. A set of two stove counter gap covers so anything you're cooking doesn't wind up in the crack of darkness and despair! Be honest, once it falls down there, it's never going to get cleaned up!


    These can be cut to fit your counter and everything!

    Price: $7.99 (also available in white)

    21. An oven liner to keep that ~now clean~ oven of yours clean for good. Time to make that juicy cherry pie now!


    These liners are safe in heat up to 550 °F, can be cut to any size you need, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher!

    Promising review: "I use these iiners all the time. You never have to worry about something running over in your oven and then you have a big mess. If something runs over you take your liner out, rinse it, and put back in. You always have a nice clean oven. A great invention." —perky74

    Price: $7.42

    22. A genius can strainer so you can stop making a complete mess of your hands + kitchen counter every time you open a can of anything.


    Promising review: "This is the best kitchen tool if you use canned tuna (the regular size cans) but does not work with the pull top cans of tuna. Easiest way to drain canned vegetables. Love love love it!"—CanCillander

    Price: $3.71

    23. A four-pack of bleach-free Barkeepers Friend cleaning powder to make sure you're not about to start cooking on the stove and the flames start sizzling last week's dinner.

    Kayla Suazo / Via BuzzFeed

    This is safe for use on stainless steel, brass, porcelain and other hard surfaces. Need more info? Check out our full review of Bar Keepers Friend to learn how you can use it to basically clean your entire house.

    Promising review: "This is the best stuff on earth. Not only does it get stains out of toilets when nothing else works, but it is also the only thing I ever use on ceramic (glass) cooktops. It takes off all the baked-on stuff so easily! It also removes rust from tools, faucets, and works wonders on car rims. It makes the kitchen sink look like new!" —jessiesMom

    Price: $7.72 (for a pack of four)

    24. A splatter guard, because you'd be surprised to realize just how much oil splatter gets all over your stove, counter, and backsplash while you're cooking.


    Promising review: "I am so glad I found this splatter guard. Lately I have been doing a lot of cooking on top of the stove with a grill pan but the downside is that it splatters everywhere. The problem is solved with this little device."—WalmartCustomer

    Price: $6.90

    25. A mini countertop trash can ideal for keeping small trash items and food buildup out of the sink and into the bin — without having to drip across the kitchen to the much larger can.


    Price: $11.99

    26. A stainless steel dumpling maker mold so you can make the perfect dumpling every time! (every dumpling is perfect but you get my point)


    Price: $9.21

    27. A black apron for when you're mid meal prep and you have nowhere else to wipe your hands! Plus it's a nice splatter guard for your clothes that you'll be happy you had.


    Promising review: "I'm amazed at the price for this apron. Well-made and sturdy with two big ole pockets on the front. Comes down past my knees and I'm 5' 3."—RecPro

    Price: $7.88

    When cooking becomes the easiest thing ever...

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