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    26 Products With Before-And-After Photos That Basically Prove They’re Worth Buying

    👏 Worth 👏 every 👏 penny.

    1. A bottle of CND Essentials nail and cuticle oil to rid your life of broken and peeling nails. With daily application, they'll grow so strong you'll be able to file this purchase under #worthit.

    2. A shaper insert so the boots you've worn and torn all winter can stand tall, preventing creasing and creating more space on your closet floor.

    3. A bottle of Feed-N-Wax wood polish you woodn't believe took just minutes to make this table look brand new again! In addition to polishing, it adds a protective layer and helps prevent the wood from drying out or fading.

    4. A hyaluronic acid eye gel to de-puff, hydrate, and firm your under-eyes. It'll be great for your whole face and neck, too.

    5. A bag of Bottle Bright tablets that'll clean your bottles, plastic containers, mugs, and everything else with no scrubbing required. We love an all-natural, no-hassle way to clean!

    6. A teeny tiny toenail brace to rid your life of curved toenail pain. It'll flatten out your nail to prevent it from jabbing into the side of your toe and becoming ingrown.

    7. A clear eyeshadow primer, because it's ~prime~ time the colors you perfectly blended stayed put all day long. The paraben- and cruelty-free formula works hard to prevent oily lids and creasing.

    8. A bottle of curl cream gel to define and hold moisture in your curls. The argan oil in the formula helps to prevent frizz, so you'll wind up with the perfect curls every time.

    9. A pack of silver polish wipes, because years of wear have dulled your precious pieces more than you might think. Use these wipes to remember what your silver looked like when you first got it!

    10. A hanger stacker to fix one of the most annoying storage problems in your entire house. Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by a cluster of hangers. This before and after alone has already changed me for the better!

    11. A hand-held pressure washer because some things turn out great ~under pressure~. You can even fill it with detergent to wash your car!

    12. A wine stain remover that'll magically erase all kinds of spills we trash humans get on us (like wine, coffee, and spaghetti sauce).

    13. A restorative headlight-cleaning kit to make your car look so shiny and new, people will think you just drove it off the lot.

    14. A bottle of makeup brush shampoo so your favorite tools can look how they did when you *first* brought them home — without any harsh ingredients. You want to avoid unnecessary breakouts from dirty brushes! Wow this before and after is the highlight of my day.

    15. A set of clip-on bangs, because you know you've wondered what you'd look like with them. We all have! Now's your chance to see what you'd look like without making it permanent.

    16. A cap cage so when you finally wash your dirty hats, they'll keep their shape.

    17. A six-pack of space-saving vacuum bags that'll turn the closet you pretend doesn't exist into the closet you can actually use again! Having trouble with seasonal storage space? Don't worry, you got this in the bag.

    18. A durable honeycomb drawer insert to form a home for your socks, scarves, ties, undies, etc. Marie Kondo — the queen of organizing — is speechless and proud.

    19. A concentrated gel made with a formula that'll cling to silicone sealants (the thin area around your shower head, in between your tiles, etc.) and kill mold and mildew as well as prevent it from popping up again.

    20. A biotin shampoo formulated with nutrient-rich botanicals like B5 zinc and coconut oil to nourish your hair and stimulate your scalp, removing any buildup that may be blocking your pores and preventing your hair strands from growing strong. Believe me, this stuff is really gonna ~grow~ on you.

    21. A powerful wheel cleaner made with an acid-free and pH-balanced formula to penetrate dirt and grime safely – and with incredible results.

    22. A stainless-steel cleaner kit for irons that have been put to work for years without the TLC they need to look their best. Years of staining, gone in minutes. That adorable dress you just pulled out of storage is not going to de-wrinkle itself!

    23. A foot file that'll make even the crustiest of heels smooth again. Just look at those r~heel~y incredible results.

    24. A set of eight interlocking drawer bins so you can see what ~sparks joy~ in your drawers, organize them well, and get rid of or donate all the rest. We just don't have time for that fourth busted ChapStick right now, it's SPRINGTIME.

    25. A chemical-free hard water stain remover to have your bathroom fixtures looking sparkly, shiny, and new. No more stains, spots, rust, mildew, or mold!

    26. A three-pack of plastic plumbing snake drains so you can take care of the slow-flowing drains that have been bugging you for weeks. With just a few minutes of work (no need to call the plumber, or take apart the drain) this'll slide right in and the hooks will do the trick.

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