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    23 Gifts From Uncommongoods For Anyone With An October Birthday

    Finally something they won't want to return.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A drinking glass etched with an urban map of your choosing for the loved one who moved to a new city recently β€” or maybe they just really love city planning.


    Promising review: "The perfect gift. When he unwrapped it, he instantly pulled it out of the box and showed me which areas his family still lived and where he'd visited. So cute! Etching is well done and clear. Great purchase for sure." β€”Eva L

    Price: $16 (select from 30+ states)

    2. Or if they're a baseball fan, a set of two baseball park map glasses so they can sip whisky from the outfield, literally.


    Promising review: "Perfect gift for the baseball fan/whisky enthusiast. These glasses are so beautiful and well made! My S.O. was so excited when he opened them up, he said they are already his new favorite glasses. Go Cubs!" β€”Tessie

    Price: $35 (available in 13 stadium designs)

    3. A scratch-off bucket list poster with 100 movies for your brother who's always talking about that one scene from that one movie that one time.


    There's also one for 100 books and 100 Things To Do!

    Promising review: "I adore the varied color schemes and the little minimalist artworks underneath the silver layer. Nothing is more satisfying than scratching off another square after finishing a fantastic film. The list of films is extensive too - some new, some old, some foreign, some popular, some indie, etc. I had no idea how many great films were coming out of India!" β€”Ollie

    Price: $15.

    4. A ticket stub diary to put their concert tickets, movie stubs, and boarding passes in, because your significant other is just as nostalgic as you are.


    Plus there's space to write down your memories from each event, so it's really a special thing you can work on together.

    Promising review: "I recently started dating a guy who is super into music and goes to tons of concerts. I wasn't quite sure what gift to get him and randomly happened across this. It ended up being the PERFECT gift. I wish I could post a picture of his book. Turns out he had a huge pile of ticket stubs he had been hanging on to and he had a blast putting them all in the book and walking down memory lane." β€”SunshineandUnicorns

    Price: $14

    5. A long distance friendship lamp so your BFF who lives too far away can know when you're thinking of them (especially on their birthday!). Simply tap your lamp and theirs will change color no matter how far they are. <3


    Promising review: "My friend, who lives long distance, bought me this for my birthday. At first I thought nothing of it, but then we set it up the magic happened. It has a super nice design, very good quality. It definitely brings a smile to my face every time he presses his and mine lights up." β€”Cyan Fish

    Price: $85/each ($170 for both)

    6. Or the mid-century version of this lamp that'll do the exact same thing but might match their style a bit more.


    Promising review: "It is delightful! I can let my sweet cousin know I'm thinking of her any time day or night. And, she can do the same! So special!" β€”CJ

    Price: $95 each

    7. A mason jar you can grow flowers in or an indoor herb garden in so their birthday gift is one that keeps on giving year round.

    Uncommon Goods, UncommonGoods

    How it works: Buckle up for some ~science~. There's this thing called a "passive hydroponic wicking" system" (I said buckle up!). It knows when the plant and roots need more water and it'll bring it up for them?! No more under-watering or over-watering! The jar includes the seeds of your choosing, just simply put water in the base, place the jar in a sunny spot, and let it do the rest!

    Promising review: "Great gift for someone who has a birthday in the winter! Brings some sunshine to a friend who may be looking out the window, watching the snow fall, knowing the snow must be shoveled...and yet, a little bit of spring is inside, giving hope and joy." β€”Muffy

    Price: the Indoor Flower Garden for $20 and the Indoor Herb Garden for $20 (available in three types of flowers and six types of herbs)

    8. A birthstone-inspired wishing ball paired with slivers of paper so they can write down their birthday wishes, their accomplishments throughout the year, and any goals they want to focus on.

    Uncommon Goods, UncommonGoods

    Promising review: "Beautiful and practical! A fabulous gift to remind us of our goals and appreciation. The blown glass ball is gorgeous and the note tags are lovely with room to write a goal and something you are appreciative for on each piece. I bought it for my daughter who is starting a Masters program in Paris and will be a long way from home. To start off we both wrote a goal and something we are appreciative for and took a photo so we could look back on them if we wanted. We colored the edges so we would know those were our first wishes. I think this gift will help keep her focused and appreciative. I will definitely buy more for my friends. Thank you!" β€”Angie

    Price: $32

    9. A personalized amp doormat so the musician in your life can receive something they'll be jazzed about.


    Can customize up to 16 characters.

    Promising review: "My husband is a musician and the look on his face when he saw this was priceless! The mat is very well done and the personalization was the added touch. With the 3D effect of the mat you swear it was the real thing. This is such a great item for any musician in your life." β€”Joyce71

    Price: $35

    10. A make your own hot sauce kit your favorite foodie will love to spend hours coming up with their own recipes and the best news is, they'll probably share some with you!

    Uncommon Goods, UncommonGoods

    There are six bottles, a funnel, recipes, labels + gloves!

    Promising review: "My boyfriend has recently been on a hot sauce kick. I came across this and got it for him for our anniversary. I typically get him watches or video game stuff. He was beyond thrilled. Loved it, very excited to create his own, name it what he wants, and share his creations with friends. The kit included everything you could need including gloves, which he probably wouldn't have thought to use if it hadn't included them." β€”megans

    Price: $35

    11. A custom New York Times birthday book of every front page of the NYT since they were born. This way they can see if their birthday ever made it to front page news.


    Just note that their birth has to be from 1998 or before!

    Promising review: "I just have to say I ordered this as a gift for my dear friend who is 99 turning 100 shortly, she reads her New York times paper everyday. And has since she was in her late thirties. I ordered the book well in advance for her upcoming Birthday in June. At the time of ordering she became very ill and we weren't sure her prognosis the doctors expected her to pass. I called Uncommon Goods and explained to them what was happening. They reached out to the artists who at that point must have worked through the night. Because the following day the book was delivered. I was shocked they were able to accommodate me like that. I really appreciate everything the artist and Uncommon goods support team did. My friend is on the upside right now and is enjoying her early birthday gift. Thank You all. Highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys the New York Times." β€”Allison

    Price: $99.95

    12. A flower necklace with a special pendant that has their birth month flower dried and pressed inside. Their smile will ~blossom~ when they wear it!


    Get some birth-month flower earrings to match!

    Promising review: "I'd give these necklaces more than five stars if I could. You see all kinds of jewelry with birth stones but seldom do you find such a unique gift like these necklaces which display real birth month flowers. My oldest daughter loves hers and my other daughter has worn her necklace to school every day since she received it. I'm going to buy another one for my wife." β€”Ziggy

    Price: $48 (available in all 12 months)

    13. A create-your-own reel viewer for a nostalgic ~spin~ on you and your besties favorite pics. Maybe do one picture from each year since their birth!?


    How it works: The shipment has a code in the set that'll let you redeem one reel of seven images. Once you submit your images, the completed reel will be shipped within five business days.

    Promising review: "This was a perfect anniversary gift, I included two reels of our wedding and just great memories over the years. My husband loves the retro feel and the memories it brings back for him as a kid." β€”Seb

    Price: $29.95

    14. A set of four all-natural vegan wine soaps that'll give "full-bodied" wine a whole new meaning.


    The soaps have scents like citrus to represent chardonnay and berries, plums, and apples to represent pinot noir.

    Promising review: "What a lovely gift! The smell is intoxicating. The appearance is beautiful. The packaging was lovely and very suitable for the gift I was giving to my daughter. I am very pleased and would buy this product again." β€”Tina

    Price: $28 (for one chardonnay, one cabernet, one pinot noir, and one pinot grigio)

    15. A scratch-off map for the person who means the world to you (and the world means a lot to them!)


    Promising review: "Perfect gift for world travelers! I bought this map a few years ago for my friend who is a travel writer. She loves it and about 75% of it is uncovered. I bought another one this month to give as a gift to my sister who works internationally." β€”HappyPurchases

    Price: $26 (available in two sizes)

    16. An astrological candle, because knowing your partner this well is a good ~sign~ for things to come.


    Some scents include: Scorpio, which smells of jasmine and amber, Pisces, which smells of cedar wood and oak moss, and Leo, which smells of orange and rose.

    Promising review: "Birthdays are always special, so this candle makes the receiver feel special with their own aroma for their horoscope!" β€”Jeannie

    Price: $28 (available in all 12 signs)

    17. A set of teas from around the world that'll last them oolong time! For real though, this is so thoughtful and it'll show how matcha you love them.


    The set comes with 10 tubes of tea. Some flavors include Long Jing green tea and bancha tea. Each tube has 6-8 cups worth of leaves. It also comes with an information book full of brewing tips and tea facts.

    Promising review: "I bought this as a gift for my grandma for her 90th birthday. She loves food and drink, and we used to have tea parties when I was growing up. This was a fun nod to the olden days and has given her a gift that she can share with others. In fact, my aunt called to say what a lovely time she and my grandma had looking at each of the teas and reading about them and tasting one or two together when she visited." β€”Liz

    Price: $55

    18. An "Intersection of love" poster to symbolize the joy of your path's crossing and the long road of love ahead.


    You can also customize the frame to represent your anniversary milestone year. For example wood is for the 5th anniversary, tin for the 10th anniversary, platinum for the 20th, etc. You can also have the image be color or black and white.

    Promising review: "Great product for a wedding gift for the couple! Was looking for a unique gift for my sister who has everything. This was perfect and will fit in perfectly with their decor. Ordering was easy and really looked special when it arrived." β€”SP

    Price: $75+ (depending on frame options)

    19. A wine holder for the friend who thinks shower beers aren't classy enough. Pair this with a bottle of their favorite rosΓ© and they'll be singing in the shower in no time!


    Oh and, because they've thought of everything, it comes with a (BPA free) plastic wine glass so it won't shatter while they're singing those high octaves.

    Promising review: "The perfect gift. You folks knocked it put if the park this time! Thanks for making my friend so thrilled." β€”Winnie

    Price: $38

    20. A box of Tea Drops, because the older you get the more you need a warm cup of tea to soothe your soul after a long day.


    A tea drop has all the goodness of tea without the hassle and mess of steepers and tea bags. The combo of tea, sugar, and aromatic spices dissolve instantly. The set includes five drops each of: citrus ginger, blueberry acai, rose earl grey, sweet peppermint, and matcha green tea.

    Promising review: "I love tea so when I saw these tea drops, I had to try them. When they arrived they were in a cute wooden box and you could smell all of the delicious teas immediately. They come in fun shapes and taste amazing. So simple to use and no bag to remove from your cup." β€”Breezy

    Price: $34

    21. A dog breed necktie that'll be the perfect addition to their birthday suit. Oh wait.


    Available in 17 popular breeds!

    Promising review: "My uncle loves Australian Shepherds and he was thrilled with this tie. My aunt said it looks very expensive! A great birthday gift." β€”Ann

    Price: $55

    22. A cotton-blended tortilla swaddle blanket and cap for the newborn in your life who won't remember this birthday. But thanks to you, no one else will ever forget it.


    Promising review: "The Tortilla Baby was a great gift for friends (he's an Executive Chef) celebrating the birth of their newborn son. The gift was humorous, fun, unforgettable, and actually practical for the new little 'baby burrito', Ben. It was well-made, great graphics and quality materials. I bought it with the taco booties cute and fun!" β€”PopcornKate222

    Price: $48

    23. An eight-pack of floral-flavored lollipops with seed-filled sticks so they can have a botanical-inspired snack and then grow an herb from that very snack.


    Once they finish the lollipop, they can plant the stick and grow an herb that was also used as an ingredient in the candy. Here are the flavors and corresponding seeds:

    sage and marshmallow (grows sage)

    lavender and lemongrass (grows lavender)

    peach and marigold (grows marigold)

    strawberry and basil (grows basil)

    champagne and roses (grows rosetta cosmo)

    rosemary and mint (grows mint)

    lemon and thyme (grows thyme)

    vanilla and hibiscus (grows baby blue eyes)

    Price: $20

    Or go the Dwight Schrute route and give them this super heartfelt sign.



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